The last couple of days I've been walking after work instead of using the DVDs for a more structured fitness routine.  I kind of missed it!  I know surprise – since I've been enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Tonight – since it was back to the ‘ole rainy days of Seattle – I ripped open my new, uncracked, Qi Gong DVD from Matthew Cohen called Qi Gong Fire and Water.  By the way, I let Amazon know that my DVD had cracked and they sent me a replacement DVD the next day.  Talk about some customer service!!!

I really loved the workout tonight.  It's not a workout like your jumping around and sweating, but a workout of relaxing the mind, setting your intention, focusing on each body part, and then stressing that body part with different positions.  It's a wonderful feeling when you're done.

Since starting Qi Gong and Yoga, I feel much more limber and my muscles feel more loose – not so tight – and elongated.  I love this feeling!

I got carried away with photos tonight and thought I'd show you the various Qi Gong positions.

This position is a basic clearing position done after every Qi Gong position.


Qi Gong Standing Series Horse is the name of this position and you literally just stand still in this position with your entire body engaged.  You wouldn't it think it would be hard, but try standing like that for more than a couple of minutes with every muscle flexed.

Qi Gong Standing Series Horse

Qi Gong Water Swings is one of my favorites.  You swing back and forth your lower back, swinging your arms back and forth as you go as if you were in water and flowing through it.

Qi Gong Water Swings

Qi Gong Carrying Chi is the next two photos where you carry “chi” like a ball between your hands over your stomach, down your legs, back and forth.

Qi Gong Carrying Chi

Qi Gong Carrying Qi 2

Qi Gong Elephant Shakes His Trunk – yes funny name – but it's really as it says.  You lean over and act like you have an elephant trunk swaying back and forth.  It really helps to release tension in your back, arms, and neck.

Qi Gong Elephant Shakes His Trunk

Qi Gong Etheric Clearing is another form of clearing that covers your upper body as displayed in the next two photos.

Qi Gong Etheric Clearing

Qi Gong Etheric Clearing 2

Qi Gong Forward Folds (pic turned out bad) is a move that I really like.  You slowly lean forward one vertebrae at a time starting from the head down and then you come back up in reverse order.  Feels really great on my spine.

Qi Gong Forward Folds

Qi Gong Hand to Heart is another clearing and bringing energy into the heart and working on your intention of compassion.

Qi Gong Hand to Heart

Qi Gong Prayer Position is actually one of the first poses where you set your intention for Qi Gong that day.  Mine was to release toxins and fat.

Qi Gong Prayer Position

Qi Gong Roll Back Tai Chi really works to strengthen your legs.

Qi Gong Roll Back Tai Chi

Qi Gong Single Leg Pulses is another leg strengthener.

Qi Gong Single Leg Pulses

Qi Gong Standing Series Empty also helps to strengthen the muscles in your legs.

Qi Gong Standing Series Empty

The entire “Water” workout is 35 minutes long and worth every minute of it to get moving and release stress.

How do you release stress?  Leave me a comment below.

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