What another beautiful day in Seattle!  I couldn't stay inside and workout to a DVD with this much sunshine so Lily girl and I went for a walk in the local park for about 25 minutes.

Soaking up some more rays to increase my Vitamin D.  Ah!  My skin loves the sunshine.

If you haven't heard – Seattle doesn't get much sunshine in the winter so if it's sunny – I'm dropping whatever I was planning on doing and going outside.  The lack of sunshine also makes me Vitamin D deficient so I have to supplement daily.I do miss the sun from when I grew up in Texas!  Though I don't miss the heat.  Yuck.

Lily girl is enjoying the sun too.  She gets a little spring in her step – kind of a hopping motion when we get to go outside and enjoy the weather.

Walking with Lily

She's a Cali girl – brought up from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles, CA when she was 4 years old.  I adopted her a year and half ago here in Seattle about two months after she came up from California.

I think she misses the sun too and probably the warmer weather since she's so tiny and gets cold easily.  Hence the clothes.

Happy Monday!  Let's get moving!

Image:  Cromely


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