IgG Food Sensitivity Test

IgG Food Sensitivity Test

Today I went to the store and purchased all of my organic fruits and vegetables from Whole Foods Market and Costco. I came home washed everything and stored them in the refrigerator and/or my large fruit and vegetable basket in the kitchen. I want to make sure I’m prepared for tomorrow when I will officially begin transitioning from cooked foods to a raw food diet and occasionally cooked vegan foods.

I know that I definitely do not want to eat any dairy or meat anymore, which is part of becoming a vegan. When I completed the food sensitivity test, I was highly sensitive to dairy, chicken eggs, sunflower seeds, asparagus, and mushrooms. I was also sensitive to bananas, but only slightly, which means I can rotate eating bananas every four days so that my body will not experience inflammation from the food.

In case anybody is interested, the food sensitivity test is called an IgG food intolerance test which is different than an allergy test. Typically when you have allergies you experience an almost immediate reaction to the food; however with food sensitivity, you have a delayed reaction. The delayed reaction causes inflammation inside of your body that leads to the deterioration of your organs over time.

This may not sound so bad; however over time of prolonged inflammation, your body will start to tell you through heart attacks, stroke, broken bones, and organ failure. My symptoms were eczema on my hands and in my ears, seborrheic dermatitis on my face, and dandruff on my scalp. I was tired all of the time, experiencing headaches, weight gain, foggy head, lack of concentration, and difficulty sleeping.

As you can imagine, many of us have some of these issues and contribute the issue to stress, working too much, not enough time for yourself, having children, going to school, and generally just being busy. At least that’s what I said. I was going to work full-time and college full-time and discounted many of the warning signs that comes with being food sensitive.

Once I discovered which foods I was sensitive to, I detoxed my body from these foods and all of my symptoms disappeared. I could think clearly, concentrate on my studies, the skin conditions went away, except for the eczema in my ears, and I feel so much better with increased energy and an overall feeling of happiness.

Now I am moving to the next phase of losing weight and getting healthy by detoxing my body from meats and toxins, and eating more of a raw food diet. All of my research shows that raw food that is organic is a much better way to eat for our bodies. Cooked foods break down and destroy the enzymes in food rendering it toxic and not as nutritious as raw foods. It’s important to remember to eat organic foods, which are free from pesticides, chemicals, and are better for your body.

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