I was going to start this post out with a very clever, and very sterile reason, about how to transform your relationship with food, but dang it – I’m just going to be bold and speak quite frankly.

Aren’t you tired of diets? Aren’t you tired of all the the conflicting information out there that tells us what food is good and what food is bad? I’m just sick of it!

Transform Your Relationship with FoodAll of the inconsistent information and the multitude of diets have never worked for me.  Yes, I’ve lost some weight with those diets, but I also gained that weight back – plus some – well a lot!

The missing ingredient was learning how to transform my relationship with food so that I could live a more authentic life and not live in this constant mode of deprivation. What does that even mean “transform your relationship with food”? We throw that word around a lot as some spiritual woo woo, but what does it mean?

It means ditching the diets.  It means working through the challenges of emotional eating.  It means getting your happy on!

Absolute Freedom from Diets – Transform Your Relationship with Food

Most of my adult life I was on this roller coaster ride of diets that had created nothing but struggle and pain in my life. I had lost and gained hundreds of pounds in the last 20 years and had nothing to show for it but stretch marks, a broken spirit, self-loathing, and a desire to be “normal”. After I gained the weight back I would become extremeley angry with myself for failing yet again.

I could be so successful in every other area of my life except my weight. I felt embarrassment with friends, family, and coworkers and just knew they were judging me for my weak behavior. In actuality they weren’t judging me, but I couldn’t clear my head of this idea until I sought professional help with my own health coach.

My head was swimming with fear and pain:

  • I’ll never lose weight and be healthy.
  • Nobody will ever love me, especially if I can’t even love me with all this fat.
  • I’m scared of never being happy.
  • I’ll never be able to learn how to kayak or paddle board with all this extra weight.
  • What if I get diabetes or worse have a heart attack!
  • I’m sure my colleagues think I’m weak because I can’t control my weight and, OMG, they probably think I can’t manage my job well if I can’t have enough discipline to control my weight.
  • I was angry at myself for yet another failed attempt at losing weight.
  • I couldn’t see my body as anything other than a huge, blob of fat and shamed every part of my body.
  • Social events were avoided and I became reclusive. I didn’t want people to see my failures.

All of these diets with its promises and testimonials of weight loss had pushed me to the edge. I couldn’t take it anymore.

That’s when I started working with a holistic health coach and she literally transformed my relationship with food and how I viewed my body. Now the story is different!

I wake up and go to bed every day with so much gratitude in my heart towards her because she literally saved me from myself and allowed me to fulfill my purpose in life. I discovered that I am perfect just as I am.

Of course, so many people gravitate towards diets because of the promises of quick fixes, but I’m hear to tell you, there are no quick fixes.

If you’re looking to get off the diet roller coaster of pain and failure and are ready to do some actual work that will help you achieve long-term happiness and live a more authentic life – then hop on over to my side where life is vibrant and food is no longer an issue.

Apply for Free Holistic Health Coaching

Since I started my blog over four years ago about my own experiences with emotional eating, dieting, and weight loss, I “accidentally” fell into coaching.  You – my beloved readers – who reached out to me, shared your stories, your struggles, and gave me support. As I transition my own experiences into coaching I have decided to seek a more formal education on holistic health coaching and the psychology of eating.

This October I will start my certification program and would like to extend an offer of free holistic health coaching. It will be an amazing opportunity for me to grow as a coach and an opportunity for you to:

  • Discover freedom from toxic thinking so you can live a more authentic, balanced life.
  • Transform your relationship with food so you become more emotionally present rather than numbing pain and feelings.
  • Be comfortable in your body and learn to embrace it.
  • Learn how to ditch the diets and still move towards your idea body weight.
  • Enjoy more freedom with eating food.
  • Gain incredible happiness.

What would you do if you no longer struggled with food challenges? What would you do with all the time and energy you spent thinking about food and instead redirected that energy to something else in your life?

What would you do differently?

What would you create?

How would you feel?

If This is You, Than Apply for My Kickaction Program:

My coaching will not be about medical or nutritional needs, but instead on the psychology of eating.

I’m looking for individuals who are serious and highly motivated about changing their life and are ready to ditch the diets. If you truly want to discover a tremendous freedom from food challenges, than I encourage you to apply.

My promise to you is that I will show up fully and authentically and in turn I expect the same from you. This is a life changing moment for both of us and something I’m hugely passionate about so it’s important that we are both fully present and ready to do some serious work.

Guidelines for the Holistic Coaching Program

I will be accepting four practice clients for a free, three-month long coaching session. Below are the details of the program and how to apply:

Your Kickaction Program:

  • 6 powerful, 1:1, 60-minute sessions over three months that will begin in November, 2014 and ends in January, 2015.
  • Each session will take place over the phone and is scheduled every other week.
  • A recording of the session will be provided to you in case you want to review our session and say, “What did she say and what did I agree to?”
  • You will receive an email with a summary of our session and action items for you to implement.
  • E-mail support for those moments of anxiety when that little, nagging voice in your head starts talking back to you.
  • Cost: Free for my first four practice clients that are hand-selected from the application process.

How to Apply:

To apply, complete the digital application/intake form in its entirety by the end of the day on October 4, 2014. I will review all applications and select four individuals to participate in the coaching program.

I will post the notification of winners no later than October 14, 2014 and will send the winners a welcome pack via email.

Let’s get started. Apply now if you’re seriously, 100% ready to show-up more authentically in your life, and you’re willing to do the work.

UPDATE:  //Enrollment has closed for the Fall 2014 acceptance of clients; however join the wait list now to be notified when spots open up again for health coaching.

Holistic Coaching Intake Form

Image:  Robin


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