Green Smoothie Weight Loss – 15 Tools to Lose Weight Drinking Raw Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie Weight Loss – 15 Tools to Lose Weight Drinking Raw Green Smoothies

Eating raw green smoothies to lose weight is a great way to get healthy.  Since I started my green smoothie weight loss program, I've been healed from eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, food cravings, and dandruff.

My skin is softer and I've lost over 22 lbs in just over 1 month.

I absolutely can't say enough about how green smoothies has helped me in a very short amount of time.  I actually look forward to drinking them each day, creating new concoctions and flavors, and replacing my meals with the smoothie.  I no longer have to spend so much time trying to figure out what to eat, prepare the meal, and cook it.

The benefits to drinking green smoothies outweighs the “feel good” and “taste good” emotion of eating unhealthy foods that do not give my body what it needs to survive.  Once you get the taste of what it feels like to feel incredible, to not get headaches from the lack of caffeine, and to lose other food cravings – you'll want to continue eating green smoothies each day.

Green smoothie weight loss can be very enjoyable and satisfying when you know what you are doing and how to implement more green smoothies in your diet.

Review the tools below to learn how to lose weight drinking raw green smoothies and discover new green smoothie recipes.

Green Smoothie Weight Loss – 15 Tools to Lose Weight Drinking Raw Green Smoothies

1.  Drink 64 ounces of green smoothies

Drinking just 1 glass of green smoothies each day will give you amazing benefits, but if you can drink 64 ounces a day of green smoothie as your main meal, it will help you to lose weight and improve your green smoothie weight loss.  I found that drinking the green smoothie throughout the day helps to reduce cravings, keeps my blood sugar balanced, and keeps me energized all day.  If you are a coffee drinker, I highly suggest drinking green smoothies and foregoing the coffee; you won't need that caffeine high that coffee gives you.  At least cut back on the coffee while you're implementing the green smoothies into your day.  I think you'll find you won't want that much coffee.  I know – hard to believe.  You can see I've packed my baby – my trusty Vitamix blender – to the top.  She overfloweth.

Green Smoothie Vitamin2.  Greens to eliminate toxins

Adding greens with protein and nutrients mixed with fruit cleanses your body and helps you to eliminate toxins and waste matter that have built up in your body.  If you are making 64 ounces of green smoothie each day for your green smoothie weight loss program than mix in at least 2 cups of greens such as spinach, chard, kale, beet greens, carrot greens (not the carrots, just the greens), romaine lettuce, or red leaf lettuce.  If you can tolerate more greens, add more than 2 cups to get the maximum benefit of eating greens packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins.  Adding more greens will aide in speeding up your green smoothie weight loss and reduce the amount of sugars from fruit you are consuming daily.  Over time, you'll find you are actually craving more greens.  There's quite a few recipes in Victoria Boutenko's book and you'll find that she uses more greens then fruit.

greens for green smoothies


3.  Add ground flax seeds to green smoothie weight loss program

Flax seeds are a good source of 0mega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and phytochemicals which aide in digestion, relief from constipation, and can reduce total overall cholesterol.  Ground flax seeds also helps to give you a more full feeling when added to your green smoothie. When using flax seeds, make sure to grind the seeds before adding them to the green smoothie for weight loss.  In order to obtain the most nutritional benefits from your flax seeds, grind them first so that your body can digest the seeds better or better yet, just buy it ground up and keep in your fridge.  I even through ground flax seeds into my oatmeal.

flax seeds for green smoothies

Courtesy of HealthAliciousNess

*Photo courtesy of HealthAliciousNess

4.  Storing cold green smoothies

Assuming you are making more than 1 glass of green smoothie – hopefully 64 ounces per day on your green smoothie weight loss program – then you have a challenge in keeping the smoothie cold and fresh tasting all day, especially when you go to work.  Pouring them in the Camelbak insulated stainless steal containers – which are BPA free – will help to keep your green smoothies cold all day long in the refrigerator or cooler.  The Camelbak containers will also camouflage your green smoothies in case you don't want inquiries about your green smoothie weight loss from coworkers.  Some green smoothies can become interesting colors when blended with chard, or other vibrant fruits that get interesting looks from coworkers.  However, these looks can also provide a way to start a conversation about the benefits of green smoothies.

camelbak insulated container for green smoothies

Camelbak Insulated Containers

5.  Buy a Vita-Mix blender

You've heard me say it before, but I'll say it again, buy a Vita-Mix blender to blend the smoothest, creamiest, coldest smoothies.  Vita-Mix is a high speed blender that will mix fruit, frozen fruit and greens all in one batch without breaking your blender.  I've gone through three blenders prior to sucking it up and buying the Vita-Mix blender.  It's not cheap, but you won't get a cheap product either and it will last for years to come.  It's truly a health machine.  If you're serious about green smoothie weight loss and overall health use a blender daily – the Vita-Mix is the best!

Vita-Mix Blender

*Photo courtesy of Vita-Mix Blender


6.  Rotate your greens daily in your weight loss green smoothie

It's best to rotate your greens throughout the week to reduce toxicity from eating the same green each day.  Greens naturally have a small amount of alkaloids that can be toxic if eaten every day for long periods of time.  I don't think it's harmful to eat the same green a couple of days in a row, but remember to use different greens weekly to not only reduce the toxicity, but to learn about new greens to add to your diet.  For instance, when's the last time you tried eating carrot greens or beet greens?  Add a variety of greens into your green smoothie weight loss program and you might find a green you never thought you would like – and then fall in love with it.  Boutenko's discusses this in her book as well and you'll see that she eats some pretty “exotic” greens – well to me.  I'm used to romaine, spinach, beet greens, kale, chard – those tend to be my staples.

greens for green smoothie


*Photo courtesy of asdfawev


7.  Try new smoothie recipes

Change up your smoothie each day to experience a different flavor, fruits, and greens so you won’t get bored.  You can find more green smoothie weight loss recipes at Raw Green Smoothie Recipes or check out my Top 5 Raw Green Smoothie Recipes for more of a variety.  My favorites tend to be smoothies with mango and cherries.

Green smoothie weight loss

*Photo courtesy of Joanna Slodownik

8.  Freeze your fruit

Freezing your fruit can make your green smoothie more thick and colder.  I typically don't freeze all of my fruit, but I do freeze the bananas, sometimes apples, and then I'll freeze any fruits that are about to be too ripe.  You can also pick up frozen fruit in your health food store that is organic.  My favorite is frozen cherries, peaches, and strawberries.  Another great idea is to purchase fresh fruit in season and then freeze it yourself for the winter in use your Ziplock bags – you know the large ones so you can pack it full and be ready for you next smoothie.  Your green smoothie weight loss program should have not only a variety of greens, but also fruit.  There aren't as many winter fruits as summer fruits so stock up during summer and freeze those yummy treats for winter use.

Freeze Fruit for green smoothies

Freeze Fruit

9.  Blending green smoothie 101

Since I started blending my green smoothies, I've found some methods that make it easier to blend.  Pack your soft fruits in first, then add your frozen fruits, then add your greens on top to blend as well as any spices.  Blend your green smoothie and then taste the smoothie to see if any changes are needed, i.e. more or less sweetness (dates are a great sweeter if you don't want to pack in more fruit – especially if you get some sour strawberries one day), then add ice if necessary.  I always add ice if needed at the very end to make sure the taste of the smoothie is just what I want.  Once you add ice, it's more difficult to add fruits or greens, because your ice will begin to water down the smoothie if you blend too much.  Remember, if it doesn't taste good than you're not going to be successful on your green smoothie weight loss plan.  Keep it simple – find the foods you enjoy and play around with mixing it up.

Blending green smoothie

Blending green smoothie

10.  Saves time in food preparation

Not only will green smoothies help to reduce cravings, but it will also require less time to prepare than other meals.  You don’t have to think about what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner sometimes – now that's a recipe for success on the green smoothie weight loss train!

Prepare green smoothies

Prepare green smoothies

11.  Start with spinach

Everybody is different in their approach to drinking raw green smoothies.  Some people can immediately add swiss chard, beet greens and lots of them with less fruit.  I wasn't one of those individuals.  Just because a green smoothie is healthy doesn't mean it must taste bad.  In fact, green smoothies are wonderfully delicious.

Starting out with spinach for your first green smoothie will get you adjusted to eating greens in your smoothie, because spinach has less have an impact on flavor.  Then progress to stronger tasting greens to build up your tolerance for the green taste.  I love, love, love romaine lettuce, kale, and chard.  These are my three favorite greens outside of spinach for a green smoothie weight loss.

Add spinach to green smoothies

Add spinach to green smoothies

12.  Add more greens to your green smoothie weight loss drinks

As you drink more green smoothies each day, you will probably notice that you are able to add more greens and less fruit depending on the green that you add.  The more greens you can add to your smoothie, the better you will feel, and the more nutrients you will ingest.  Try to add in more greens as you get more comfortable with the greener taste and less sweetness from the fruit.

Rotating your greens

Rotating your greens

13.  Adding sweetness to your green smoothie

As you will soon discover, not all fruits are created equal.  One orange can be sweet while another orange can be a little on the tart side.  This is one of the reasons I say that after you blend your smoothie, you should taste it before adding ice to make sure it is the appropriate sweetness for your taste buds.  You have several options if you want to add more sweetness to your smoothie:  1.)  add more fruit, 2.) add honey, 3.) add agave nectar, 4.)  add medjool dates.  Option 4 to add medjool dates is my favorite choice since dates help to add fiber, potassium, can help to lower blood pressure, aide in digestion, and are energy boosters.When adding mejool dates to your green smoothie, make sure you remove the small pit on the inside of the date or it could really damage your blender.   Typically 1-2 dates per 64 ounces is enough to sweeten the entire smoothie if needed.

Medjool dates for sweetness

Medjool dates for sweetness

14.  Add avocado to your green smoothie

Unfortunately, avocados got a bad wrap in the 1990's, but most people now know that avocados are really healthy and a great source of good fats and protein.  Don’t be afraid to add avocado to your green smoothie to get more fat, proteins, and to make the smoothie creamier.  Green smoothie weight loss will continue even with adding this good fat to your diet.  Let's break the cycle – no more bad rap for our green friend the avocado.

Add avocado to green smoothies

Add avocado to green smoothies

15.  Using nut milk

You can use nut milk for smoothies, like an almond milk, but mostly I just use water since the smoothie has so much taste from the fruit and greens.  I typically only use 1 cup of water depending on how much frozen fruit I add (the more frozen the more water), but I don’t like my smoothies with the consistency of a juice.  I like mine to be more icy and thick so I’ll use ice to make it thicker if needed.  If I add nut milk, it may be only 1/2 to 1 cup depending on the other smoothie ingredients.  Adding almond nut milk, strawberries, bananas, cherries, greens, and ground flax seeds is a wonderful tasting smoothie and an excellent alternative to traditional smoothies in the green smoothie weight loss plan.  Making homemade almond milk is a breeze if you have your high speed Vitamix blender and a nut milk bag.

Almond Milk for green smoothies

Courtesy by AmazingAlmonds


*Photo courtesy of AmazingAlmonds

Question:  Use the comment box below to tell me some tips you have for green smoothie weight loss.

Follow my journey from week-to-week as I lose weight and learn more about raw food eating: Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet.

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First Harvest of Urban Organic Garden for Green Smoothies

First Harvest of Urban Organic Garden for Green Smoothies

Today was the day of my first harvest of mesclun lettuce from my little urban garden I planted in August. Thanks to my cousin for teaching me how to start my own pot garden on the balcony – I'm now growing mesclun lettuce, kale, chives, and bibb lettuce. I planted the urban garden using organic soil, organic fertilizer, and heirloom seeds.

I was eating some of the baby greens before adding them into the green smoothie – ah – heaven. The taste was incredible, soft, and of course tasted better since I grew it in my own garden with no chemicals – completely organic. (more…)