You are TIRED of jumping from one diet to the next hoping that this diet will be the one that “fixes” you.

You know there has to be a better way to get healthy.

You are confused as to how you can be successful at everything else in your life and ashamed that a you can’t lose the weight and maintain it.

You’ve called yourself an “emotional eater” or a “stress eater”.

You are fearful that you will never lose the weight.

You have been angry and ashamed of yourself for losing weight and then gaining it back again.

You are SICK of diets!

You feel yourself sabotaging your diet and health.


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How do I know all of this?  My name is Amber Baldwin and I have lived, felt, and said all of these statements in the past.  I have been to that EDGE of feeling like I could no longer try another diet and realized that all of my attempts at dieting had failed and I couldn’t fail anymore.

Let me bust the myth on losing weight.  Losing weight doesn’t make you happy.  It’s the opposite.  Happiness allows you to lose weight.

You don’t have to live this way anymore and you CAN get rid of the noise in your head that is distracting you from being your authentic, beautiful, healthy self – free from diets and free from contracting dietary information.

I’m living proof that you CAN break free from those chains and I want to help you accomplish the SAME.

My Story:

Starting all the way back to my childhood, I’ve been on every diet out there from The Scarsdale Diet (my earliest remembrance as a teenager), Low Fat diet, Low Carb diet, Raw Food Diet, Weight Watchers, Blood Type diet, NutriSystem diet, Calories in Calories out diet, Atkins diet, Ideal Protein diet, 1200 Calorie diet, 90 Day Green Smoothie diet, 28 Day Detox diet, Herbalife diet, Body for Life diet, Crack the Fat Loss Code diet, Vegetarian diet, Ketogenic diets, Okinawa diet, RealAge diet, The Schwarzbein Principle diet, The Zone diet, and the eat what you see diet.

I’m sure I’m missing some other diet I’ve been on in the past – but the point is I was a serial dieter!

I put so much energy into learning the “rules” of each diet and most of the time I’d lose weight – but then “real life” came tumbling in and I would inevitably gain the weight back.

Sure these diets taught me some valuable principles along the way on healthier eating, but what they didn’t give me were the tools to eat when I couldn’t eat by their rules.  It didn’t give me the tools to really focus on what was at the root of the problem and why I couldn’t seem to keep weight off and be healthy.

Several years ago I was at the peak of my career making more money than I’ve ever made in my life, feeling great about my job and the success I’ve had in my career.  I had lost over 90 lbs on the Ideal Protein diet and I was feeling good about myself.

I remember saying to myself, “I will never go back to that weight again”, and somehow…..the weight came back on and I was mortified.  I was ashamed of myself and angry.  I was thinking that all my coworkers were looking at me and thinking, “How could she have gained back so much weight so quickly?”

I was feeling fragile and desperate for answers.

I was TIRED of the struggle to lose weight and SICK of failing.  Something had to change, but I was clueless as to how to make that change.  I knew it couldn’t be with diets anymore and I needed somebody to help me figure this all out.

This was my defining moment – the pendulum swung in the other direction and I reached out to a holistic health coach.

I realized I didn’t need to be fixed.

I didn’t need to live by rules.

I had the power within me to change and so do YOU.  We all do – we just need some guidance in getting there.

My journey took on a new path one where I was happy and living without diets and restrictions.  For once in my life I felt utter FREEDOM.  My weight started to shift without thinking about it.  My mind was more clear.

I let go of diets and started to see food as pleasurable rather than the enemy.  My relationship with food changed.  My focus and energy shifted from food to living life fully and discovering how amazing it feels to “feel” ALIVE.

In these moments, several years later, I realized my purpose which is to help others accomplish the same FREEDOM and HAPPINESS I experience daily.

It’s time to let go of the diets and discover the feeling of empowerment when you can have everything you are seeking NOW rather than waiting until you lose weight.

Think about what you can accomplish if you no longer focused on food.  You CAN have a healthy life and you CAN reach your goals and desires.



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Amber BaldwinProfessional Bio:

Amber Baldwin has maintained a successful corporate career in real estate, property management, and asset management.  She started from the bottom and worked her way up the corporate ladder with a Bachelors of Science degree to become a Director of Asset Management Accounting in one of the largest private equity firms on the West Coast of the United States.  Over the many years in management she has been fortunate enough to mentor leaders and help them to explore their authentic selves, empower them to step outside of the proverbial box, and help them to accomplish their desires.  Her career was a sandbox in learning how to coach and mentor and to also teach from the perspective of showing each individual their own power and how to tap into it themselves.

Amber is a Certified Holistic Eating Psychology Coach through The Institute for the Psychology of Eating accredited in Colorado.  After overcoming her own challenges with self-image, weight loss, self-care, and her relationship with food – she is an advocate for women breaking through the barriers of weight loss and health to empowering women to achieve a life of freedom and happiness without diets.

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