Ideal Protein Chocolate Zucchini Cookies Recipe

IP Chocolate Zucchini Cookies Feature

I love my vegetables, but a girl’s got to get creative sometimes.

Just like you can hide your spinach in a Mocha Frappuccino, you can hide zucchini in chocolate cookies.  These little gems will give your cookie some body, some fluff, some nutrients and most important, will help you get in 1 cup of vegetables per serving towards your 4 cups of vegetables on the Ideal Protein diet.

The taste is incredible!

The chocolate mixture looks quite interesting with the zucchini.  Doesn’t it smell divine – like brownies – and yes – I did lick the bowl and spoon!

IP Chocolate Zucchini Mix

I use a Whoopie Pie Pan that’s non stick to make the cookies so they come out nice and round and evenly portioned.

IP Chocolate Zucchini in Whoopie Pan

Serving is 6 cookies which makes 1 Ideal Protein meal and 1 cup of vegetables towards your 4 cups for the day.  I like sneaking vegetables in wherever I can, especially when they really enhance the flavor of other foods.

IP Chocolate Zucchini Cookies Plated

Ideal Protein Chocolate Zucchini Cookies Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Ideal Protein
Cuisine: Dessert
Serves: 2
  • Ideal Protein Crispy Cereal
  • Ideal Protein Chocolate Drink Mix
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1.5 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 tsp Torani Sugar Free White Chocolate Syrup or 1 pack of Splenda or Stevia
  • Dash of cinammon
  • Dash of Sea Salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups shredded Zucchini
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Using a rolling pin, gently crush the Ideal Protein Crispy Cereal while still in the unopened package.
  3. Mix all ingredients together except for zucchini until thoroughly mixed.
  4. Then add shredded zucchini (blotted dry with a paper towel) and incorporate into chocolate mixture.
  5. Spray your non-stick Whoopie pie pan or a muffin pan with a non-stick spray and then evenly add your chocolate mix to make 12 cookies.
  6. Place in oven for 12-15 minutes and then let cool in pan.
1 serving is 6 cookies which is 1 Ideal Protein meal and 1 cup of vegetables.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 6 cookies

Let me know how you like these cookies by leaving a comment below.


    • says

      Glad you’re enjoying Amy! I got a good laugh at work when I made these. My coworker thought they looked like pot cookies. :) I assured her there weren’t, but the pot jokes have been going around since they legalized pot in WA state where I live. HA!

    • says

      For this recipe I used the Ideal Protein Crispy Cereal, kind of looks like Rice Crispies. If you’re making this on your on and not using Ideal Protein products, than for cereal I would find an organic rice crispy cereal and your favorite chocolate protein powder. Measure about 1 ounce of each for the recipe.

  1. Largo Butang says

    Are you supposed to mix the drink and cereal with their respective water amounts first, or just mix in the power with no water?

    • says

      Largo – Great question. You shouldn’t need any water since you’ll get so much moisture from the zucchini. I mix everything except for the zucchini and then add the zucchini. If you feel you need some water, it won’t hurt to add no more than 2 ounces of water. I use this same recipe without the zucchini and add 2 ounces of water and it’s perfect.

  2. Misty says

    I would like to know about the water too because I made them without mixing the chocolate drink with water and they didn’t turn out very good.

    • says

      Misty, the zucchini should have enough moisture that you don’t need to add any water, but you can add up to 2 ounces of water if needed. Did you drain or pat dry the zucchini? If so, you don’t need to with this recipe. We want it moist.

  3. Francesca35 says

    I’m curious to know for the IP recipes how you are certian that all of these ingredients are ok to consume on all stages of the diet? I would love to try these cookies, but don’t want to mess up my diet to do so. I miss having cookies and things like that. So I would love to try this.

    • says

      Hi Francesca. Well, first I’ve consulted with my Ideal Protein coach who provides a list of restricted and unrestricted Ideal Protein food as well as items we can have unlimited, like lettuce, raw spinach, and cucumbers. Your coach should be able to provide you with a list of vegetables you can and can’t have too.

      The chocolate drink mix and cereal are unrestricted so you can have those without issue, but this recipe counts as two meals since your using two packets of IP food.

      The zucchini is on my list of vegetables that I can have towards my 4 cups of vegetables a day.

      Does that help? Let me know if you were looking for something more specific.


  4. Brian says

    Sadly, I can’t me my hands on an IP chocolate drink mix. You don’t have an option with an IP chocolate pre-made, do you? I have plenty of zucchini available…would enjoy trying these!

  5. Pamela says

    This sounds and looks wonderful! I have a question…is your IP coach giving you the green light to use coconut oil? I’ve been told olive and grapeseed oils are the ones I’m to use…I’m in phase 1…thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hi Pamela, mine says it’s okay along with olive, grapeseed, and canola. I prefer coconut and grapeseed. I haven’t had any issues losing weight with using coconut and I’ve been in ketosis the whole time.

  6. meinola says

    WONDERFUL! So excited to have found these! Must find a whoopie pan for next time. Mine were more of a cake-y consistency on the inside

  7. janice dosssett says

    these look fabulous. but can I replace chocolate drink mix,chocolate sugar free , and torani syrup?

    • says

      They are fabulous!! Yes, you can replace the chocolate drink mix with a chocolate protein powder which is about 1.2 ounces of alternative chocolate protein powder. Make sure your protein powder has sweetner in it, preferably Stevia, or else you need to add a sugar free substitute.

  8. Berteau says

    These were fantastic! I don’t have a whoopie pie pan, so I used a small muffin tin.
    It created 6 muffins, you just need to cook them a little longer. 3 for my dessert and 3 for breakfast the next day.

    Thanks for the great recipe and the great blog. Keep up t good work!

  9. Leah Moss says

    I am going to make this along with some of your other recipes. I am on phase one and 85 pounds down. Super exciting. I am wondering since the recipe calls for 2 IP pouches wouldn’t one only eat 3 of the cookies?

  10. Cassie says

    This recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to make these later. A couple random questions:
    1) in the recipe itself you said 6 cookies are 1 serving. In one of the comments you responded to, you wrote that the recipe makes 2 meals. I’m assuming that the 2 meals are 6 cookies each then? [Just want to be extra sure and not knock myself or my husband out of ketosis.]
    2) The added egg doesn’t impact anything / require you to sub this for a dinner, does it?

    Thanks for any info you can provide, we’ve only been on this for a month so we’re trying to be extra cautious. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    • says

      Cassie – You are correct – the recipe makes a total of 12 cookies – but one meal is 6 cookies (I’m calling this a single serving because it replaces 1 IP meal).

      Egg whites are a “free” addition to the diet since there are hardly any calories and offers more protein. Just don’t go crazy! :) Hope you’re doing well and good luck! I love these little babies. So yummy.

  11. Meredith Richardson says

    Can I substitute canola oil? For pack of Stevia/Splenda, you mean one little paper packet? Thanks…even bought the whoopie pie pan just for this recipe. Praying they turn out well.

    • says

      Meredith – You can use canola oil, but coconut oil is a superior oil so if you can do coconut I would. Yes just the small paper packets. Oh yes, the whoopie pie pan makes these little gems even more special!! Have fun and enjoy!

      • Meredith Richardson says

        I’m not sure where I went wrong. Mine turned out dreadful. Soggy, mushy, wet. My guess is I didn’t dry out the zucchini enough. Too afraid to try again. That was $8 in IP products in the trash. :( I’m just really a terrible cook.

  12. lionscale says

    Made these today and they were great. I think I will buy a whoopi pan for future use but I simply used mini bunt pans. Thinking a little bit of Walden Farms Marshmallow dip might be good to add to the finish product. They are a little spongy in the middle however the pan I had meant they were thicker like a muffin. Taste was very satisfying and will be making these frequently.

  13. Sam in Seattle says

    Thanks so much for this recipe! I made them for breakfast and enjoyed. I’m thinking about using a half packet of sweetener (rather than the full packet) and adding a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to boost the chocolate flavor and lessen the fake sugar after taste. What do you think? I think they’d still be legal as the chocolate only adds trace amounts of fat and carbs…

  14. Katie says

    I cooked mine in a muffin tin and they came out spongy and wet. Did not turn crisp or hard. What did I do wrong?

  15. Skinnyme says

    Made these this morning….delicious! I didn’t have ip choc drink mix so I used up pudding mix instead and used a muffin. It came out a little thicker but the belly is quite satisfied

  16. shawn says

    Made these cookies yesterday. After reading everyone’s comments on how the texture was, I cheated and used an extra egg white and made sure the zucchini was completely dry, put them in a muffin pan, baked them for 12 minutes and they turned out delicious! Good way to get in a cup of vegetables and feel like you’re getting an extra treat! Can’t wait to make them again!

  17. Tawny says

    Have you tried this with the pancake packet? I know you can use that one to make muffins too so I was thinking that might be a good option as well, haven’t tried it yet though

  18. Aileen says

    Hi, just started IP a week ago. Would love to add this as a recipe but just double-checking; is baking powder allowed on Phase I?

  19. Chance Joseph Watkins says

    These are just beautiful. All of these recipes are beautiful lol, thanks so much for sharing them; Jesus Christ Bless you! :)

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