I haven’t been brave enough to put my actual body pictures on here so instead I’m doing face shots.  There are 3 before and after weight loss pics since starting the Ideal Protein Diet 12 weeks ago.

Before and After Pic Ideal Protein 12 Weeks

Can you see any weight loss changes after 12 weeks?

My total weight loss so far is 38.8 lbs of which all of that is from fat – I’ve actually gained .5 lbs of lean muscle mass since starting the diet.

When I first started back on 11/28/12, I was in a size 22 pants and now I’m wearing a 16 and some pants are a 14 – a little tight though.  That’s also a Lane Bryant 14/16, not regular 14/16 which I find to be different – as in the Lane Bryant size is larger than the regular 14/16 pants.

Trying on new clothes is actually fun now to see what I can find in my closet that I haven’t been able to wear in years!

Maybe once I drop even more weight I’ll add actual body pictures so you can see the difference.  I am taking pictures, just not posting.  :)  A girl’s gotta have some secrets right?

I’m still in love with this program and always am amazed at how easy it is to stay on target and eat healthy.  Maybe I was just ready for the change too.

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  • Juliana

    You’re looking great! I’m looking forward to the body pics, that will keep me inspired! So glad you’re having fun finding clothes in your closet that fit! Keep up the hard work, I’m so proud of you!

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    Thank you Juliana. Maybe I’ll post some body pics after another 6 weeks. :)

  • Kat021765

    I am so glad I found your blog, you are an inspiration.

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    Hello Kat – I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the blog. Have you tried any of the recipes?

  • Kat021765

    No not yet, but they do sound wonderful. I just started IP last week so everything is still quite tastey. :)

  • IPbaby

    You look great! I can see such a transformation, just from the head shots. I’m glad I stumbled on your blog :)

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.dannattellsworth Diane Dannatt-Ellsworth

    You are doing GREAT! I started exactly the same day. My WI is after work today hoping to hit that 30# mark I too have been “shopping” in my closet as well as other places what a thrill!! Hope your day is blessed.

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    Hi Diane! Wow Wow! You’re doing amazing!

    I’m thinking we need to start a Weight Loss Clothing Recycle Club. :) We could post our clothes online and just pay for shipping to trade with somebody else.

  • Debnaquin

    I started 3 weeks ago and doing great so far. Can’t wait to try your recipes

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    Congrats on starting the IP protocol and glad to hear you’re having success with it. It truly has changed my life and I’m forever thankful that I found this program.

  • Ka Leidy

    You rock – congrats! Im on week 10, down 42lbs and 30 inches :) You look fantastic!!!!

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    Nice job!!! That’s truly amazing! How are you feeling? How close are you to goal?