Green Smoothie Weight Loss – 15 Tools to Lose Weight Drinking Raw Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies-Daniel

Eating raw green smoothies to lose weight is a great way to get healthy.  Since I started my green smoothie weight loss program, I’ve been healed from eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, food cravings, and dandruff.

My skin is softer and I’ve lost over 22 lbs in just over 1 month.

I absolutely can’t say enough about how green smoothies has helped me in a very short amount of time.  I actually look forward to drinking them each day, creating new concoctions and flavors, and replacing my meals with the smoothie.  I no longer have to spend so much time trying to figure out what to eat, prepare the meal, and cook it.

The benefits to drinking green smoothies outweighs the “feel good” and “taste good” emotion of eating unhealthy foods that do not give my body what it needs to survive.  Once you get the taste of what it feels like to feel incredible, to not get headaches from the lack of caffeine, and to lose other food cravings – you’ll want to continue eating green smoothies each day.

Green smoothie weight loss can be very enjoyable and satisfying when you know what you are doing and how to implement more green smoothies in your diet.

Review the tools below to learn how to lose weight drinking raw green smoothies and discover new green smoothie recipes.

Green Smoothie Weight Loss – 15 Tools to Lose Weight Drinking Raw Green Smoothies

1.  Drink 64 ounces of green smoothies

Drinking just 1 glass of green smoothies each day will give you amazing benefits, but if you can drink 64 ounces a day of green smoothie as your main meal, it will help you to lose weight and improve your green smoothie weight loss.  I found that drinking the green smoothie throughout the day helps to reduce cravings, keeps my blood sugar balanced, and keeps me energized all day.  If you are a coffee drinker, I highly suggest drinking green smoothies and foregoing the coffee; you won’t need that caffeine high that coffee gives you.  At least cut back on the coffee while you’re implementing the green smoothies into your day.  I think you’ll find you won’t want that much coffee.  I know – hard to believe.  You can see I’ve packed my baby – my trusty Vitamix blender – to the top.  She overfloweth.

Green Smoothie Vitamin2.  Greens to eliminate toxins

Adding greens with protein and nutrients mixed with fruit cleanses your body and helps you to eliminate toxins and waste matter that have built up in your body.  If you are making 64 ounces of green smoothie each day for your green smoothie weight loss program than mix in at least 2 cups of greens such as spinach, chard, kale, beet greens, carrot greens (not the carrots, just the greens), romaine lettuce, or red leaf lettuce.  If you can tolerate more greens, add more than 2 cups to get the maximum benefit of eating greens packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins.  Adding more greens will aide in speeding up your green smoothie weight loss and reduce the amount of sugars from fruit you are consuming daily.  Over time, you’ll find you are actually craving more greens.  There’s quite a few recipes in Victoria Boutenko’s book and you’ll find that she uses more greens then fruit.

greens for green smoothies


3.  Add ground flax seeds to green smoothie weight loss program

Flax seeds are a good source of 0mega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and phytochemicals which aide in digestion, relief from constipation, and can reduce total overall cholesterol.  Ground flax seeds also helps to give you a more full feeling when added to your green smoothie. When using flax seeds, make sure to grind the seeds before adding them to the green smoothie for weight loss.  In order to obtain the most nutritional benefits from your flax seeds, grind them first so that your body can digest the seeds better or better yet, just buy it ground up and keep in your fridge.  I even through ground flax seeds into my oatmeal.

flax seeds for green smoothies

Courtesy of HealthAliciousNess

*Photo courtesy of HealthAliciousNess

4.  Storing cold green smoothies

Assuming you are making more than 1 glass of green smoothie – hopefully 64 ounces per day on your green smoothie weight loss program – then you have a challenge in keeping the smoothie cold and fresh tasting all day, especially when you go to work.  Pouring them in the Camelbak insulated stainless steal containers – which are BPA free – will help to keep your green smoothies cold all day long in the refrigerator or cooler.  The Camelbak containers will also camouflage your green smoothies in case you don’t want inquiries about your green smoothie weight loss from coworkers.  Some green smoothies can become interesting colors when blended with chard, or other vibrant fruits that get interesting looks from coworkers.  However, these looks can also provide a way to start a conversation about the benefits of green smoothies.

camelbak insulated container for green smoothies

Camelbak Insulated Containers

5.  Buy a Vita-Mix blender

You’ve heard me say it before, but I’ll say it again, buy a Vita-Mix blender to blend the smoothest, creamiest, coldest smoothies.  Vita-Mix is a high speed blender that will mix fruit, frozen fruit and greens all in one batch without breaking your blender.  I’ve gone through three blenders prior to sucking it up and buying the Vita-Mix blender.  It’s not cheap, but you won’t get a cheap product either and it will last for years to come.  It’s truly a health machine.  If you’re serious about green smoothie weight loss and overall health use a blender daily – the Vita-Mix is the best!

Vita-Mix Blender

*Photo courtesy of Vita-Mix Blender


6.  Rotate your greens daily in your weight loss green smoothie

It’s best to rotate your greens throughout the week to reduce toxicity from eating the same green each day.  Greens naturally have a small amount of alkaloids that can be toxic if eaten every day for long periods of time.  I don’t think it’s harmful to eat the same green a couple of days in a row, but remember to use different greens weekly to not only reduce the toxicity, but to learn about new greens to add to your diet.  For instance, when’s the last time you tried eating carrot greens or beet greens?  Add a variety of greens into your green smoothie weight loss program and you might find a green you never thought you would like – and then fall in love with it.  Boutenko’s discusses this in her book as well and you’ll see that she eats some pretty “exotic” greens – well to me.  I’m used to romaine, spinach, beet greens, kale, chard – those tend to be my staples.

greens for green smoothie


*Photo courtesy of asdfawev


7.  Try new smoothie recipes

Change up your smoothie each day to experience a different flavor, fruits, and greens so you won’t get bored.  You can find more green smoothie weight loss recipes at Raw Green Smoothie Recipes or check out my Top 5 Raw Green Smoothie Recipes for more of a variety.  My favorites tend to be smoothies with mango and cherries.

Green smoothie weight loss

*Photo courtesy of Joanna Slodownik

8.  Freeze your fruit

Freezing your fruit can make your green smoothie more thick and colder.  I typically don’t freeze all of my fruit, but I do freeze the bananas, sometimes apples, and then I’ll freeze any fruits that are about to be too ripe.  You can also pick up frozen fruit in your health food store that is organic.  My favorite is frozen cherries, peaches, and strawberries.  Another great idea is to purchase fresh fruit in season and then freeze it yourself for the winter in use your Ziplock bags – you know the large ones so you can pack it full and be ready for you next smoothie.  Your green smoothie weight loss program should have not only a variety of greens, but also fruit.  There aren’t as many winter fruits as summer fruits so stock up during summer and freeze those yummy treats for winter use.

Freeze Fruit for green smoothies

Freeze Fruit

9.  Blending green smoothie 101

Since I started blending my green smoothies, I’ve found some methods that make it easier to blend.  Pack your soft fruits in first, then add your frozen fruits, then add your greens on top to blend as well as any spices.  Blend your green smoothie and then taste the smoothie to see if any changes are needed, i.e. more or less sweetness (dates are a great sweeter if you don’t want to pack in more fruit – especially if you get some sour strawberries one day), then add ice if necessary.  I always add ice if needed at the very end to make sure the taste of the smoothie is just what I want.  Once you add ice, it’s more difficult to add fruits or greens, because your ice will begin to water down the smoothie if you blend too much.  Remember, if it doesn’t taste good than you’re not going to be successful on your green smoothie weight loss plan.  Keep it simple – find the foods you enjoy and play around with mixing it up.

Blending green smoothie

Blending green smoothie

10.  Saves time in food preparation

Not only will green smoothies help to reduce cravings, but it will also require less time to prepare than other meals.  You don’t have to think about what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner sometimes – now that’s a recipe for success on the green smoothie weight loss train!

Prepare green smoothies

Prepare green smoothies

11.  Start with spinach

Everybody is different in their approach to drinking raw green smoothies.  Some people can immediately add swiss chard, beet greens and lots of them with less fruit.  I wasn’t one of those individuals.  Just because a green smoothie is healthy doesn’t mean it must taste bad.  In fact, green smoothies are wonderfully delicious.

Starting out with spinach for your first green smoothie will get you adjusted to eating greens in your smoothie, because spinach has less have an impact on flavor.  Then progress to stronger tasting greens to build up your tolerance for the green taste.  I love, love, love romaine lettuce, kale, and chard.  These are my three favorite greens outside of spinach for a green smoothie weight loss.

Add spinach to green smoothies

Add spinach to green smoothies

12.  Add more greens to your green smoothie weight loss drinks

As you drink more green smoothies each day, you will probably notice that you are able to add more greens and less fruit depending on the green that you add.  The more greens you can add to your smoothie, the better you will feel, and the more nutrients you will ingest.  Try to add in more greens as you get more comfortable with the greener taste and less sweetness from the fruit.

Rotating your greens

Rotating your greens

13.  Adding sweetness to your green smoothie

As you will soon discover, not all fruits are created equal.  One orange can be sweet while another orange can be a little on the tart side.  This is one of the reasons I say that after you blend your smoothie, you should taste it before adding ice to make sure it is the appropriate sweetness for your taste buds.  You have several options if you want to add more sweetness to your smoothie:  1.)  add more fruit, 2.) add honey, 3.) add agave nectar, 4.)  add medjool dates.  Option 4 to add medjool dates is my favorite choice since dates help to add fiber, potassium, can help to lower blood pressure, aide in digestion, and are energy boosters.When adding mejool dates to your green smoothie, make sure you remove the small pit on the inside of the date or it could really damage your blender.   Typically 1-2 dates per 64 ounces is enough to sweeten the entire smoothie if needed.

Medjool dates for sweetness

Medjool dates for sweetness

14.  Add avocado to your green smoothie

Unfortunately, avocados got a bad wrap in the 1990’s, but most people now know that avocados are really healthy and a great source of good fats and protein.  Don’t be afraid to add avocado to your green smoothie to get more fat, proteins, and to make the smoothie creamier.  Green smoothie weight loss will continue even with adding this good fat to your diet.  Let’s break the cycle – no more bad rap for our green friend the avocado.

Add avocado to green smoothies

Add avocado to green smoothies

15.  Using nut milk

You can use nut milk for smoothies, like an almond milk, but mostly I just use water since the smoothie has so much taste from the fruit and greens.  I typically only use 1 cup of water depending on how much frozen fruit I add (the more frozen the more water), but I don’t like my smoothies with the consistency of a juice.  I like mine to be more icy and thick so I’ll use ice to make it thicker if needed.  If I add nut milk, it may be only 1/2 to 1 cup depending on the other smoothie ingredients.  Adding almond nut milk, strawberries, bananas, cherries, greens, and ground flax seeds is a wonderful tasting smoothie and an excellent alternative to traditional smoothies in the green smoothie weight loss plan.  Making homemade almond milk is a breeze if you have your high speed Vitamix blender and a nut milk bag.

Almond Milk for green smoothies

Courtesy by AmazingAlmonds


*Photo courtesy of AmazingAlmonds

Question:  Use the comment box below to tell me some tips you have for green smoothie weight loss.

Follow my journey from week-to-week as I lose weight and learn more about raw food eating: Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet.

Image:  Daniel



  1. Billie says

    Thanks for the great info!  You’ve inspired me to start drinking some healthy green smoothies!  

  2. amberjules says

    Hi Billie – I’m so glad I could inspire at least 1 person to go out eat healthier!  😉  Feel free to share your concoctions – I’m always looking for other ideas on green smoothie recipes.

    • Ivethe says

      hi…i would like to know who can recommend me to add to the veggie and fruit smoothie? any supplements or vitamins names? i need to loose 50 pounds and i will like to do it in natural way. please help me …thank u very much!!!!


  3. anissa says

    This information is great am looking forward to trying this will post back to let you no how it goes thanks

    • says

      Anissa – Can’t wait to hear what you’ve come up with. That’s the beauty of green smoothies, you can just add what you want and it typically tastes really good. I had one the other day where I added just about the entire kitchen fridge. :) Blueberries, peach, pear, apple, banana, strawberries, kiwi, baby mixed greens, and spinach. It was D-elicious!

  4. Janet says

    So the point of smoothies is to replace meals with them, correct? Just want to be clear. I see blurbs about losing weight with smoothies but they never come right out and say the smoothies are to replace meals and thus lower calories. I know that this type of smoothie also packs in the nutrients, I just want to be clear that one isn’t expected to add smoothies to their diet and lose weight, it’s the exchange of a smoothie for a meal.

    • says

      Janet-another great question tonight. I replace meals with green smoothies which does reduce calories. I typically will have snacks that are whole foods and sometimes a really light meal of steamed veggies, fish, or raw veggies. Just depends on my mood.

      I find that over time with drinking the green smoothies in the morning and for lunch that my hunger has drastically decreased by evening time and I feel pretty full. I really try to listen to my body and only eat when I feel hungry. Interesting concept huh? It’s actually a very foreign concept to me when I first started listening.

      You might want to review the sample meal plan I put together at the link below. Let me know if you have any more questions. Lots of recipes too under the recipe button up top for green smoothies.

      • Janet says

        I can’t imagine being able to feel full with smoothies but I hope to try this real soon. I even plan on buying a Vita-Mix. If I do, I’ll report back here how things are going. BTW, I forgot to say that I’m really glad I stumbled upon your blog and thank you for creating it.

        • says

          Yippeeee…I’m excited for you. First you’re gonna love your Vita-Mix not only for green smoothies, but soups and amazing sorbets. I know – doesn’t seem like you could be full from green smoothies, but you can. For me it took about a week, week and half to adjust. I felt pretty tired the first week, just because my body was detoxing and adjusting to this “new way of eating”. Allow yourself the freedom to rest and relax during this first week. Just listen to your body and you’ll be fine.

          I also ate a bit more than just the green smoothies and what is now normal for me the first week, just because I was transitioning. So for instance, I might have a steamed red potato at night where normally I wouldn’t have a starchy vegetable and maybe some soup. I found I craved “normal” foods that weren’t sweet.

          But then you’ll adjust and listen to your body. It actually will tell you what it needs if you listen. :)

          Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how things are going for you.

        • Janet says

          Got my Vita-mix today. I wasn’t able to also go grocery shopping. I know you all don’t need a minute by minute update but I’m a bit hyper at the moment. :)

          • says

            Share a way your minute-by-minute experience. It is quite thrilling to delve into a different way of eating that will sky rocket your energy, increase your health, and release unwanted weight.

    • Janet says

      Okay. This is my second day with drinking 1 smoothie. It’s not the most healthy recipe but i”m hoping to gradually, while my taste buds aren’t looking, move to a healthier smoothie. I’m leaving a lot of details (trust me, it’s a good thing), I might start a blog and reference back to this page. It takes me over 2 hours to finish a 55 oz smoothie. Here is the recipe I’m drinking today in the order I put them in the Vitamix. I blend some of it, then add more, blend, etc. I did find 1 chunk of cucumber not blended today. Also, I’m adding some vitamins and such as I would be taking them anyway and this way I save myself some hassle. I’m getting wordy again but I have my reasons for these plus I don’t have some supplies I want to put into my smoothie. If I blog, more explanations will be there.

      50k IU vitamin D gel caps
      2 vitamin A gel caps
      1 kelp tablet
      2 oz aloe vera juice
      1 cup liquid (I would consider yogurt a liquid) I used water with ice today. I added the aloe late and forgot to take it into account for the 1 cup of liquid
      4 frozen strawberries
      2 extra large cucumbers (never seen them this big before. I’d use 3 regular ones)
      2 apples
      1 orange
      1 handful of fresh raw spinach. (I will slowly tweak my leafy greens up)

      This ended up being 55 ounces.
      It tasted a bit tangier than my recipe yesterday. I didn’t add aloe juice yesterday and I used a bit less spinach. I think both but mostly likely the aloe is causing the tang.

      If I may be a bit rude I would like to say that I’m not a fan of healthy vegetables and defiantly not leafy greens. I would not consider this smoothie delicious but it certainly isn’t so unpleasant that it’s a chore to drink. If that were the case, I’d not drink it. I’m very selfish that way. I forgot, but I plan on adding a packet of unflavored gelatin tomorrow. I wanted to work that into my day and the smoothie will make it quite painless to do that.

      I’ve tried smoothies and juicing before. Amber’s way of talking about it and pointing out that one can gradually work their way up really helped me try this again. The first smoothie recipe I ever tried, found online, was mostly kale, I think, and was awful. It tasted like what freshly cut wet grass smells like. The smell is kind of nice but not the taste. I couldn’t subscribe to that. I liked jucing, I mostly juiced fruits, cucumber was the base with apple and strawberries and then a few small bits of veggies, like carrot or celery but not enough. They tasted too strong for me too. I gave up after a week and a half as it got to be too much work for me and I felt no pay off. I suffer from lifelong debilitating fatigue. History indicates I will quit this too but until them, I’m posting comments! Muahahahahaha. Anyway, I am curious if I will see some sort of payoff within 2 weeks.


      • says

        Oh my Janet!! You are a very brave woman adding all of those vitamins to the smoothie AND drinking it all. Thank you for posting your findings, recipe, and challenges. You started hard core – in my opinion. You might pull back on adding all of the vitamins and aloe until your taste buds adjust. Don’t want you to quit before you’ve had a chance to get into it. That smoothie might make me quit…lol!

        Your observation about the aloe is correct. Aloe tends to be tangy with almost a lemon bite to it. I love aloe now, but I didn’t always like. I would strongly suggest taking the vitamins outside of the smoothie and making your smoothie with more fruit and sweeter vegetables so that you will LOVE your smoothie.

        I totally get not liking leafy greens. I wasn’t very fond of greens in the beginning, but my experience has been that I actually started craving the greens and more of them as my taste buds changed, my body became more energized, and I developed a strong desire to venture outside of just spinach. Take a look at some of these recipes:

        Here’s another recipe I just posted which adds turnips, yes turnips, to your smoothie. It’s really yummy!

        Janet – I’m so proud of you for taking the leap. You’ll get so much benefit even with having so much fruit in your smoothie. You’ll adjust as time goes on. I have found if I just listen to my body, really listen, it will tell me what it needs.

        Keep it up and I love hearing your progress.

        • Janet says

          I’m glad to hear you actually started craving leafy vegetables. I’m looking forward to experiencing that. I will use up the spinach and then do some kale and green leaf lettuce. I will defiantly have to add more fruits for that one. Today’s smoothie wasn’t bad at all. I’d rather not spike my blood sugar if I don’t have to but I will add tons more strawberries with those other greens. I also hope to add a banana to every smoothie, I just forgot to get them. I get body aches due to low potassium and I’m hoping that fixes that. I have a bunch of parsley and may add some of that in tomorrow’s smoothie. Oh and matcha. I so love mad scientisting. Muahahhaaha

  5. Daina says

    I s tarted to drink green smoothies last year.And I noticet that I feel much better, have more energy.I started to loose weight 3 lbs por week, with no walking or other runing program.I was so happy and did more work on founding a book by Victoria Boutenko-Green for life.I recomend this book to everyone.Many of my friends read this book too.This week I planing to drink my green smoothies all day long.I want to loose some more lbs.I make my green smoothie ading-1 banana, some frozen berries, lemon mint, dandelion leafes, green italian oregano, and sorel.I find out that sorel that I have in my garden has a lot of vitamines and minerals.Some days I add to smoothie some peaches, letuce, watermelon, and apples.I like my green smoothies.My husband likes it to drink in the morning too.I make three big cups, one for him and two for me.I recomend green smoothies to one of my friend that has iron problems and is animic.I think it helps her too, since greens has a lot of iron.I don’t use vitamix, but use regular blender that I put on high speed, and run one minute extra time, and it makes very creamy and smooth.I recomend to drink green smoothies for everyone and I hope that one day my kids starts to drink it too.

    • says

      Daina – that’s so wonderful not only about your weight loss, but finding that green smoothies help to lose weight and give you loads of nutrition. You might try using spinach to hide in a chocolate smoothie or fruit smoothie so you kids don’t know there are greens in their delicious treat. Spinach is packed with lots of vitamins but has the least amount of “green” taste to it.

  6. says

    Hi. Love your articles, i recently purchased a Vitamix and I am totally excited & motivated about green smoothies. I need to loose 10lbs, need more energy and iron since i am anemic. Could you please suggest which green smoothie should i have, there are so many recipes which gets me all confused. Currently since 3 days i am making a green smoothie with spinach, green apple, celery, pineapple, banana & honey. To loose weight should i just consume green smoothie the whole day or can i have a glassful in the morning and continue my day with my normal eating routine? Sorry I am full of questions & doubts 😀 I would rather get some advice than to try things myself and mess up. Thank you so much.

    • says

      Hello Anish!
      Congrats on the Vitamix purchase. Have you checked out the recipe book or the online recipes? Amazing what you can make in this one blender.

      So glad you’re loving the blog. You all inspire me too and I love sharing what I’ve learned a long the way.

      It’s hard to say what recipes would be best for you because it’s so much dependent on what you love in different tastes of food. You might like a sweeter smoothie or something more “green” tasting. I would definitely add as much spinach as you can to any green smoothie because it does have so much iron in it and it also leaves the least amount of “green” taste. The green smoothie you made sounds great though I might leave out the honey and add more fruit if you’re going for sweetness. This is one of my new favorite recipes using turnips: I know – sounds weird to put turnips in your smoothie, but they have a bit of sweet taste to them and are packed full of vitamins. Love em!

      My suggestion is go for what you love and throw it in the blender. You really can’t go wrong.

      I tend to blend enough smoothie for at least breakfast and lunch just because it’s easy and the perfect “fast food” for my busy schedule. Drinking smoothies for most of the day and having a healthy meal for dinner will allow you to lose your 10 pounds relatively quickly. Most likely within 2-3 weeks at the most. Make sure you drink lots of water as well.

      Leave more comments or email me if you have any questions.

      • Anish says


        Thanks for your reply. I have been drinking green smoothies since almost 3 weeks but haven’t lost any weight :( i don’t add any sugar nor honey now. I have 32oz of smoothie for breakfast and lunch, is that the reason that i am not loosing weight because i have only 32 oz and not 64 oz ? I dont even add any nut milk nor too many fruits. I have read that most people loose around 3-5 pounds in 2 weeks but i havent even lost 1 pound. Cannot figure what i am doing wrong? :( Can you advice please…

        • says

          Hi Anish, I don’t think your eating enough. If you are only having green smoothies, then you really need to go for 64 oz a day or else you just aren’t getting enough calories. What are you putting in your smoothies?

      • anish says

        Also forgot to mention that i feel i am definitely doing something wrong because after having smoothies it causes bloating & constipation also. What might be causing it any ideas?

        • Tootsie says

          Digestion is the problem. Chewing is what creates the digestive juices. So mindfully chew your smoothie when drinking it.

          • says

            Anish – Also if you aren’t accustomed to eating vegetables and fruit, you can have gas for awhile until your body gets used to eating this way. It’s normal and it will pass. Drink lots of water and as Tootsie said, chew your smoothie as well.

  7. Linda says

    Amber, great article! You say that you cured you seb dermatitis by drinking the green smoothies which is very interesting to me. I have suffered with a mild form of this condition for over 10 years now. I believe a diet of high sugars and processed foods if to blame. My question is, how long did it take you to see improvements in your seb derm when changing your diet and drinking the green smoothies? Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Linda – It took about 1 month when I noticed a dramatic difference and about 3 months before it was completely gone. Interestingly, I’m not a raw foodist and eat meat, but still drink a green smoothie at least 3-5 times a week and have gotten rid of a lot of the sugar and processed foods and I still don’t have the seborrhic dermatitis. It’s truly amazing. I battled it for years!! Have you tried it yet?

  8. Divinepower says

    Yes I lose 8 lbs in 3 days,I will be having vegatable smoothie twic a day as a meal replacement it has motivated me I weighted in at 270lbs 5″11 inches tall,I really need something to get me started.weight in next week hope that I can post more weight loss result

    • Divine power says

      Keep your smoothie simple,vegatables,any fruit fresh mints,flaxseed,orange juice,apple juice, kale ,bannas.I only add three or four things to smoothie.mix and match what you like don”t forget the flaxseed added to your smoothie.

  9. Brad says

    For those who want to create meal replacements and feel more full, you can add cooked organic quinoa, which is very filling, nutritious, with a great balance of carbs and protein. They do add fiber, so be careful at first.

  10. sam bruce says

    how does it taste? I’m interested in trying these green smoothies because I really like smoothies and if it taste good why not. But will the greens not affect the fruity taste? And what if the greens available here are just lettuce? Is it ok to keep repeating it? thanks :)

    • says

      Hello Sam – I happen to love the green smoothies, but I did start out slow so my taste buds could adjust to the taste. Start with spinach if you have it or romaine lettuce. Both of these lettuces don’t have a big effect on taste.

      Then as you get more accustomed to the green taste, you can start adding more or changing up the greens. I love kale, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, spinach, and butter lettuce.

      You can repeat, but it’s advised to switch out at least once a week if you can. Where do you live?

  11. says

    Drinking of raw smoothies very benefit your health.Daily you drink different types of Smoothies all day feel very energetic.Some time you feel not well then you meet doctor and take some Liquid Iron and minerals to relief your body.

  12. Jenell says

    When you drink 64 oz of green smoothies, how many meals/snacks are you replacing? I’m loving all the good suggestions you have! Thanks:)

    • says

      It pretty much replaces all 3 meals; however I would snack in between 2-3 times a day with nuts, avocado, avocado wrapped in Nori (yum) with other veggies, dehydrated cookies or crackers. I really just listened to my body.

  13. norm says

    I didnt see any mention of carrots in any smoothies are they restricted for some reason, congratulations on your weight loss I am excited about trying the program thanks for sharing.

    • says

      I don’t typically use carrots only from a taste preference, but you can certainly use carrots in your smoothies. You’ll need a Vitamixer or high power blender though. You’ll destroy your blades in the cheaper models.

  14. norm says

    I have started with green smoothie and it tastes so good and I feel very full . What a great substitute for meat and other junk I was eating. Thank you so much for such an informative web site

  15. norm says

    Hello I have a question, is it okay to mix all the smoothies In one day with almond milk or better to use cold water

    • says

      I miss all my smoothies for the day and put in metal insulated containers to keep fresh and cold. I don’t think it matters if you use almond milk or water for freshness. I generally use water, but just a small amount since I prefer my smoothies more thick than liquid.

  16. norm says

    I love my green smoothies, my energy level is amazing I feel relaxed and calm, and Im losing weight clothes that were tight are loose. Im glad I stumbled across this web site. One question please I only have two smoothies a day, and one good hot meal. Will three green smoothies a day speed up the process

    • says

      Norm – It definitely will speed up the weight loss. I typically would have 64 ounces a day and replace all meals. Then I would have 2-3 snacks through out the day like avocado, nuts/seeds, fruit. Maybe even adding soup, small egg white omelete and veggies, or 4 ounces of meat a veggie would be good.

  17. SmoothCriminal says

    Dear, you know what one of my friend who was too much slim. Her personality was not good. But after taking Green drink on regular basis, she really look likes a celebrity.

  18. norm says

    How long will a green smoothie keep in fridge or freezer I had one container in for about a week and half, will it keep for up to two weeks or more ? Thank you keep up the good work

    • says

      Thank you Norm. I only make my smoothies ahead for the day and not further out than that. They start to turn brown from oxidation and just don’t taste as fresh.

  19. norm says

    I have a question, how long will green smoothies keep in freezer or fridge, I had one for a week and a half in the cold,Will they keep for two or more weeks? Thanks

  20. Ry says

    Hi, can I replace all meals with green smoothies? For how long can I do this? Surely it must be important after a certain period of time to bring in other types foods? Thanks

    • says

      You can replace all your meals with green smoothies; however, I would also eat throughout the day if I did feel hungry. Foods like, avocados, nuts/seeds, fruit, vegetables, kale chips, etc. I still made sure it was raw.

  21. Mosses says

    Today will be my first day starting this green smoothie thingy! I looked at this whole page like 5 times. Your a green guru girl! I will let u know how my weight loss and healthy lifestyle comes about.

    Thank you,


  22. Rachel Mccartney says

    hi I am very interested in starting this on Monday but would just like a few questions answered first please if you don’t mind?….how long can you actually stay on this? I have roughly about five stone to loose and really need to get fit and healthy, I don’t have much energy at all and always feel low ect, I think that is because I don’t eat much fruit and veg, not because I don’t like it its more of the fact I enjoy junk food to much and if im not on a proper diet id rather reach for the chocolate rather than an apple! I would really like to be told if I start this that I can drink the 64 ounces a day to replace meals and snack on fruits and veg if I need to and stay doing this until I reach my goal weight is this right? also if I choose two different smoothies could I have one on one day then the other the day after then the first one the day after? I don’t want to have a different smoothie everyday as its going to cost a fortune to buy so many fruits and veg but I wouldn’t just have the same everyday, is there any chance you could give me two recipe’s I could try please? also is there any fruits or veg that would speed down weight loss i.e bananas or oranges with them containing a lot of sugar? any advice you could give me would be very much appreciated , thanks

    • says

      Rachel I still drink green smoothies and you can do this for as long as you can sustain it. There isn’t anything unhealthy about a raw food or green smoothie diet. The important part to remember is nourish your body with nutrients and feed it when it’s hungry. I started out with 64 ounces of green smoothies per day and replaced all my meals with it. Then if I was hungry in between I would eat avocados, nuts/seeds, vegetables, etc. If you aren’t completely raw than you can have soup or other healthy filling items in between but keep it light.

      Under my recipes tab there is a quite a few recipes for green smoothies for free so feel free to pick any that look good to you. I generally eat what I like and started out simple with an apple, bananas oranges, grapes, strawberries and then added only spinach. I did this to let my taste buds adjust. You’ll find as you drink more you’ll crave the greens and less sweet from the fruit. Find what fruits you like and just throw it in the blender with your greens. I haven’t had one yet that didn’t taste good.

      Hope that helps. Oh and if you like a thicker smoothie, freeze your bananas and then throw it into the blender to thicken up the shake. Yum!

  23. Valerie Webb Eberspacher says

    Hi! I am a green smoothie newbie! We have a Vitamix. If I used the Medjool prune, would I need to remove the pit? Is it ok to digest? Thanks ~ appreciate all your help!

    • says

      Congrats on getting a Vitamix!!! It’s the best kitchen tool you probably could purchase. I love love love mine! You definitely want to remove the pit. You’ll kill your blades with that. The Vitamix can handle alot, but not that. I use dates too and have to remove the pits. Enjoy!

      • Jenn says

        Also many fruit seeds release cyanide once digested info your stomach. (Apple seeds, cherry seeds, plum seeds, and I believe apricot seeds do too.) There’s more that I can’t remember. **It’s worth a search to see which seeds are safe to eat and add to your smoothies!** Some are great for you while others can be dangerous to your health.

        • Meg says

          Victoria Boutenko says that if you’re not eating more than 1-2 servings of apple seeds a day, you can go ahead and put them in the blender. It’s EXCESSIVE quantities that could be a problem.

  24. kim says

    I just got the Ninja blender and make 8 cups of mix of vegetables,fruit and nuts or seeds with barley grass and change with adding spirulina Drink everyday and love it

    • says

      Jeanne – I just eyeball it and add about 1/2 of the blender full of greens. It really just depends on your taste buds. In the beginning I added more fruit, but then as my taste buds changed I started using less fruit and more greens. My blender is packed to the top when I start blending.

      • Jeanne says

        Ok then I should be okay. I only have a Nurtibullet for now so I can only make 33 ounces at a time so I use 4 hands full of different greens, celery, fruit, and flax and make 2 a day.

        I’m also using to track what I am eating and it says I’m way low on fats, sodium and CALORIES but have too much sugar and protein.

        How to add more calories without more sugar and protein?

    • Jeanne says

      Ok then I should be okay. I only have a Nurtibullet for now so I can only make 33 ounces at a time so I use 4 hands full of different greens, celery, fruit, and flax and make 2 a day.

      I’m also using to track what I am eating and it says I’m way low on fats, sodium and CALORIES but have too much sugar and protein.

      How to add more calories without more sugar and protein?

  25. Deanna says

    Hello thanks for sharing your story I am over weight and have been for a long time and want to change that i’m so inspired by your story im starting your green smoothie do you have a shopping list up to go by?

    • says

      Deanna – So glad you’re inspired to make a change. Please keep me updated on your progress. I don’t really have a list set-up, but my advice is to look at the recipes and buy from that. I typically will buy fruits and veggies that I love and just throw it in the blender. You really can’t go wrong. You’ll see once you start making the recipes and then you’ll start to modify and before you know it you’re coming up with your own concoctions. Enjoy!

    • Meg says

      Yes; don’t. They only last about 2 days in the fridge, and then they oxidize (think of how an apple turns brown)

    • zht says

      Freeze in Mason jars! I just tried it. Made a large batch of kale/blueberry/strawberry/flax powder/pureed dates/cashew/vegan protein powder smoothie in the Nutribullet. I Filled 3 24oz wide mouth Ball mason jars 3/4 of the way (after properly boiling and sterilizing), popped on the lids, popped them in the freezer. Took them out early morning and by the time I got to work it was a nice ice-cold shake. Tasted great and I used an Eco-jarz drinking lid.

  26. Maddog Maggert says

    Don’t forget the proteins! Adding tofu (medium to firm) to a smoothy adds protein and zero taste. It is a great way to get free protein without compromising taste. For the more adventurous add raw eggs to the smoothy for high protein. For the green side, canned beans are easily processed in a Vitamix.

  27. Joelene says

    hi I just wanted to thank you I just started thinking about doing some kind of smoothie diet to replace 2 of my meals and this seems very “do-able” I need to lose some weight being in college and not moving around too much I gained too much weight and need too. So thanks again!

  28. Terri says

    I would love to try this. But I am worried about how often to buy the greens. Are you making weekly trips to the market to get fresh greens?

  29. Edward says

    I’ve been doing green smoothies for about the past two weeks. My parents gave me a Magic Bullet for Christmas. It just sat in the cupboard for a few months, then out of the blue, I decided to give it a try. I’ve put on a lot of weight since I graduated college and got married. My goal is to drop a total of about 45 lb. My medium-term goal is to get below 200 lb, which I think I can realistically hit by mid-summer. I’ve always craved carbohydrates and salty snacks, and was afraid I’d go through a severe carb withdrawal when I started to do smoothies. Surprisingly, I haven’t. I’ve found they’re very filling, and keep my energy level more “even” all day, as opposed to the after-lunch snoozies I used to get. My wife’s starting to get into it, but she’s a little more tentative, and not as enthusiastic about the veggie part. I’ve found kale and carrots really add the bulk to fill you up, and not leave you craving more. I still let myself have animal protein a couple times a week. I hang out with some friends last night and got a lettuce-wrapped burger. For a snack, I’ll have some smoked salmon on crackers. So far, I’ve lost about 4 lb in a little over 2 weeks.

  30. Christine says

    I suffer with different skin allergies, one of which is psoriasis & would like to try these green smoothies. I also suffer urticaria/ salicylate, which means I’m limited to about 3 or 4 fruits, & I have to peel the fruits first for them to be safe for me. All citrus fruits are out, even though I love them. I will sneak a few grapes or watermelon in occationally. I do have a vita-mix. Is it possible to still make these green smoothes long term. Will I have to use water to replace the fruits I can’t have. Also, if I just the fruits I can’t have, instead of blending them, will this reduce the salicylate content. Any tips you could recommend would be grateful. Thank you.

    • Christine says

      Sorry i miss spelt a word. The question at the end was, if I juiced instead of blending. Would this reduce the salicylate content? Thank you.

  31. Chauncyne Kinion says

    I recently found out that I am a type 2 Diabetic and really need to come down 90lbs. I was thinking about doing this, but don’t want to run my glucose levels up. Any suggestions?

    • Chauncyne says

      Chauncyne – I also have 90 lbs to lose – I have not got received a diagnosis of diabetes, but many of my medications for depression, high blood pressure, and for cholesterol add to my fight for weight loss. I have severe edema of my feet and legs. It hurts to walk. I am starting the green smoothie challenge – hopefully as a lifestyle chand and I will continue with water aerobics ( great for flexibility ). Let me know how you are doing. Cheryl

      • Meg says

        I started on Green Smoothies 32oz/day on April 1. On April 8, I went to 64oz/day plus whatever I want for dinner (most times, but not all, I want healthy food). My ankles no longer swell, I have great energy, and I’ve lost 20lbs with no effort whatsoever. This weekend I walked the Dallas Zoo and the Ft Worth Air Show; I could not have done that a month ago. The fiber will mitigate blood sugar spikes. Just do it!!

  32. Speedskater! says

    What about adding a protein powder. I am an athlete and I need to drop 10 to 15 pounds but don’t want to lose muscle. I know that the veggies have some protein themselves…..and if so, what kind of protein powder do you reccomend?

    • derek says

      Hello! I’m in the same boat. I add a scoop or two of the Garden of Life Protein powder to each one of my smoothies. It’s a great way to incorporate a lot of natural and healthy protein into an already amazing meal.I’m doing about 60-120 grams of protein a day.

  33. Amber says

    for the diabetics, juicing and smoothies can be dangerous if you dont know what your doing but leafy greens are ok to juice and put in smoothies raw. There is also something called juice plus that has recently started to become more popular. A company that has organic farms pick and cold press juice, dehydrate it into a pill form so all the living enzymes and phytonutrients are still in tact. each pill has less than 1 gram of sugar and you can just open them up and put them in a smoothie if you dont like taking pills. Within a month my good friend completely changed her health she has kidney problems, type 2 diabetic and high blood pressure, she went to her doctor and he was amazed at her results she hasn’t been this healthy in a long time, last year she was on life support so she has come a long way!!!!

  34. marybeth dolan says

    I use kale and one fruit in a vitamix…I use stevia for a sweetner and I love it…kale and apple: kale and peaches…trying different combos: just got the vitamix and love it

  35. Wendy Rouette Trevino says

    I’m concerned about carbs. I usually try to less then 100 per day. When adding a banana apple ect..+ your greens is a lot of carbs. Are carb just carbs or are there good nd bad carbs? How many ounces per serving?

  36. Debbie says

    Hi! I just started the Ideal Protein Diet. I lost 5.5lbs in the first week. I love your idea of adding your veggies to your I.P powdered drink mix. How do you make the veg with the shake? How much spinach should I start with? Do I just throw it in the blender, with or without water, what setting do you use? Do you add the powder mix to the blender as well or mix it seperate then add them together? I have a regular blender and a juicer, which should I use? Thanks so much for sharing all your recipes and tips. You are a wealth of information!!! I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. I’m off to but my fresh veggies.

  37. andrea says

    How long did you drink smoothies before you actually ate food again? I see the recipes for raw taco salad and another with beans,tomatoes, green peppers and so on. Do you eat meat at all. Im hoping my cravings disappear.

  38. andrea says

    Someone mentioned carrots are they not good to add to your smoothie. What about the texture when using apples,oranges,and tangerine to the mix?

    • frackedup says

      I put carrots in mine almost every day as well as apples and oranges (as long as they are organic). As long as you have a Vitamix it all comes out smooth as can be!

  39. Sandra says

    How after the can you do it again my niece and I are on day 5 we want to know how often can you do the 10 day cleanse

    • says

      I’m not familiar with the 10 day cleanse you and your niece are doing right now – but with drinking green smoothies, you can do drink as much as you want. The sky is the limit. It’s such a healthy drink and meal.

      If you still feel a little hungry after drinking your green smooth, than you can supplement with some fresh fruits and vegetables in between.

  40. Leeny says

    Hi! It’s Friday, November 21rst and I don’t believe in “waiting until Monday” or New Year’s resolutions so I’m starting today! I’m 5’1″ and around 150 lbs. I want to lose about 20-30 pounds. I’m 38 and a mother of 4 and I can do this!!

  41. beverleyhardwick says

    Hi lovely peeps….I’ve just finished a 31 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, using mostly Greens but adding a little fruit like melon, oranges, strawberries and blueberries, very sparingly. I use Kale, Spinach Fresh Coriander, Cucumber, Celery, Beet, and Romain lettuce, and I like to sprinkle a teaspoon of fresh Chia seeds onto my smoothies.
    I have eaten raw for the 33 days, I have lost 16lbs of weight, quite a bit of cellulite from my thighs, my skin glows and it has really helped my illnesses (the reason why I wanted to try this) I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, i have IBS and a Blood Clotting Disorder, I had been taking up to 12 different tablets every day, each with side effects, but the worst and most nasty was chronic constipation from pain killers. So what have I learned, the old saying is true…you are what you eat! :)
    I am not going back, ever, to my old way of eating, which was to just graze when I felt hungry, I’ve not been overweight, I am 5ft 7in..but with the debilitating fatigue and pain that accompanies Fibro, I had to stop biking, hiking, camping, swimming, so I gained weight. My happy size, (I always judge by the way my clothes fit me is an English size 8-10…I became almost size 14, with no energy, another side effect from all the pills was fatigue, great huh! just what you want when you already wake.up every day feeling like you just done a 10 mile hike. Now I’m on day 33 and look forward to making the smoothies..I love to experiment with taste, and for me the Greener they look the better, for liquid I use either Green Tea or Almond Milk. So no dairy, I FEEL GREAT!. My stomach is flat, I don’t have the bloating or constipation issues any more, and I have cut down on more than half of my Tablets (I did speak to my Doctor first) I take Xaltero a blood thinner, as I dont want another Pulmonary Embolism, that was apparently idiopathic that I suffered 4 years ago …or 3 months ago I presented a life threatening clot in my left Inner Jugular, I also has secondaries in my left neck and arm swelled so much I looked like a different me. Anyhoo that was all treated at Addenbrookes in Cambridge, UK. After 4 weeks of convalescence I had no appetite and I drank a great deal of ready made green juices. That were rather expensive,,,when I began to feel better I bought myself an awesome blender and came back from the supermarket loaded with greens and mason sealing jars, I felt a rush of excitement as I was blending and chopping, and upon tasting it, wow! so fresh..I just drank a whole pint there and then, and I could almost feel my body thanking me…and continued to make 4 days supply to stock in the fridge, I can say that after 33 days of drinking 3 pints daily, with the odd snack, cooked food makes me feel rather nauseous, I do sometimes eat grilled chicken with paprika and steamed chard, but as for tackling a bolognese or macaroni cheese, well, I’d rather have a smoothie.:)
    Its not a magic cure for Fibromyalgia, but this diet helps my body to cope, The flares do not last as long and I have twice as much energy..So, Imagine what this way of eating would do for a well person, So far I have converted three of my friends to try it, each one having their own favourites, I also adore fresh coconut water, when I’m using peaches, I find the combination delicious, Well thats it really… Its awesome, it tastes incredible, and hardly any mess, certainly not much washing up. I do like to make sure my Mason jars are sterilized before the delicious mix is put in, don’t want no buggies in there, :) Oh dear I have gone on a bit, if you have read this far I commend you, gold star, :) zzzzzz, Im so glad to have more or less stumbled upon this way of eating to which, trust me, I will never ever stop. Love B xx

    • says

      Beverly thank you for sharing your incredible story and being so bold to experiment with what is best for your body. It sounds like you’ve discovered the power of not only green smoothies but raw food.

      Truly beautiful the power of nutrition on your body and that you’ve been able to back down on meds. You’re so inspiring to meet this challenge head on and make changes to live an incredible life.

      Keep us updated on your progress and what discoveries have come up for your during this process.

  42. LChubs says

    Greetings – Thanks for sharing this. I am a newbie – started a month ago with a Vitamix and a variety of frozen and fresh fruits, veggies, vegan protein powder, ground flax seed, chia seeds, nuts, kombucha, kefir, coconut water, coconut milk, fresh-pressed fruit juices, cacao powder, wheat grass powder, goji berries – oh just assorted things as long as they are organic, vegan, frozen or fresh. I make a 64 oz-er and have it all day. My problem is I add so many goodies sometimes that I am not at all sure about the calories and carbs I am taking in…I’d like to tailor my smoothies for health and weight loss. I am 5’7″ and weigh 185lbs.
    Can you help??

  43. ML says

    Hi, I have been drinking green smoothies for about 3 weeks now. I just recently bought a Bella. I add no water, I just use the veggies, fruit and add some flax seed and chia seed. I was using a regular blender and adding water to it; but this since the weekend with my new juicer I don’t need to add water. Is this ok?

  44. kassie says

    how many pounds can i lose per week doing the green smoothie only diet and exercise? and how can i get more energy while i am on it?

    • AnnieC says

      Part of the green smoothie process is about detoxing. Splenda is full of artificial ingredients and toxins. Give a try to the suggestions above (more fruit, agave nectar, honey, medjool date) and see how you feel! Your tastes will change over time if you give it a chance and one day that sweet, sweet, sweetness that Splenda, etc. gives will be overwhelming to you! :)

      • mika says

        I judy started the green smoothie today. I had a bit of a headache that went away but a tremendous amount of energy I feel good. Thanks!

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