Decided to Stick with Ideal Protein Instead of Moving to Atkins

Ideal Protein Weight Loss

I’ve decided to stick with Ideal Protein instead of transitioning to the Atkins Diet for mainly one reason.

In the past I would start on a diet and then think I could change it up into something new and keep losing weight and then I would just royally mess the whole thing up.

I didn’t realize this until after I said I would transition to Atkins and then it hit me.  I’m repeating old patterns and I said I would stay with Ideal Protein until I got to goal.  So, I’m sticking to what I said I was going to do and fulfill my goal using the Ideal Protein protocol program.

My Naturopath wants me to eat more whole foods, and I’m doing that on the Ideal Protein protocol, but I do still eat some of the packets of Ideal Protein and Ideal Protein alternative foods.

I only have 35 more lbs to lose until I meet goal so not too much longer and I can phase off of Ideal Protein and back onto all whole foods.

Progress Photos Front

Though I’ve been on this weight loss journey for 36 weeks now – you would think that I’m as strong as ever about temptations.  For the most part I am, but I can tell that my mind is getting tired of this weight loss and I’m ready to be done.

I know that even this – mind being tired – is part of the journey and something I need to meditate on and move through.

Thanks for the support everyone.  It really means a lot to me when you send me comments, suggestions, and love!


  1. christine says

    I remember when i started the Ideal Protein Diet and honestly, if you stick with the plan, IT DOES WORK! It was tough for the first couple of weeks because i missed bread, but i was determined to go through with it.

  2. Katie W. says

    Stay with it girl. I am going to go back on protocol when I get done training for all these crazy triathlons and hope to lose another 10 to 15 pounds. Stick with it until you get to where you are happy!

  3. Kelly says

    I enjoy your blog. Did IP over a year ago. I did put on 8 lbs over the holidays when I did not follow rules. But, I did the vacation protocol and it was gone in a week. I appreciate the reality of the program and was relieved to know – I can still go on vacation or enjoy the holidays and I don’t have to stress about spiraling back to my old weight. You can do this :)

    • says

      Thank you Kelly. What’s the “vacation protocol”? Good to hear that you have stuck with it and are in maintenance. That’s one of the things I hear consistently from people is that once they got the weight off they have been in maintenance for quite a long time. Makes me feel good knowing it’s not a yo-yo diet!

  4. Annik says


    From my own personal perspective I think you are making a good decision. When I first read the reason that you were moving over to Atkins, I thought, ‘makes sense.’ But what you write here resonates for me, too. So… good call… and you are providing leadership for me! Thank you! I am about 1/2 way on my journey to a goal of 120 pound weight loss through Ideal Protein. It has been 12 weeks in. I feel great but am thinking, ‘how can I make this even better?’ So guided by your wisdom, I am staying the course. Keep up the good work. Keep going! You are amazing! Love your recipes!


    • says

      Thank you Annik. Wow that’s incredible on your weight loss. You’re really moving fast weight losing weight. Congrats! Funny how we feel the need to change something that isn’t broken. I’m glad you see the value in staying strong and moving forward without changing everything.

      You’re doing really great and such an inspiration! Do you have a blog or FB I can connect with?

  5. Annik says

    ps I have been drinking lots of mineral water: Gerolsteiner and San Pelligrino are my favourites. They have high mineral content. I wonder if that could hive off some of the concerns about mineral deficiency you have been encountering?

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