TOM Isn’t An Excuse to Binge

Inner Chubby Chick

Taming my inner chubby chick one moment and thought at a time.

Sweetheart – just because TOM decided to visit doesn’t mean you can go crazy and eat anything you want.  I heard you when you thought of having an extra packet of those yummy Proti-Thin Vanilla Wafers.  Yes – they are very tasty, but –

You know what will happen if you stray off course and give into the temptation?  You’ll be right back into your old eating habits and making excuses for why you did it.

I’m proud of you for stopping before you sabotaged yourself!

Love –

Your Inner Skinny Chick



  1. Katie W. says

    Good message to all of us when the urge hits…I don’t even want to look into those vanilla wafers :)…I LOVE vanilla wafers!

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