Weight Loss Motivation is Focusing on the Result


I get asked these two questions often, “What is your weight loss motivation?  How do you stay so focused?”

The answer is – it’s almost one in the same.  My weight loss motivation comes from being so laser focused on the result that I stay motivated.

Cycle of Weight Loss Motivation

It’s almost a continuous chain of events that keep me focused.  I lose weight.  I get results.  I get more motivated to continue.

The cycle keeps continuing daily when I see how my body has changed so drastically in a relatively short amount of time.  I mean in the grand scheme of life, 6 months isn’t that long and I’ve been able to lose 73.4 lbs so far and 73 inches.  How cool is that?

Recently I was able to hike a medium difficulty trail with no trouble at all, whereas in the past I wasn’t able to hike without my heart racing so fast I thought I might roll over and die right on the trail.  That in itself is a HUGE weight loss motivation to continue down this path.

Every time I put on my pants or a jacket and I see it getting looser and looser – that keeps me focused on the result and brings more motivation to continue losing weight.

It really is a high!

Weight Loss Motivation

I really love this quote and it exemplifies my attitude about my weight loss motivation and focus.  On 11/27/12 I DECIDED that I was going to be so focused and reach my end result of getting healthy and lose weight to my ideal weight (to be determined).  I haven’t looked back.  I keep moving forward.

It hasn’t always been easy – but I will say that as I saw results – it has gotten easier to keep focused and continue losing weight no matter what that scales says.

I’ve had weeks where I gained weight, lost no weight, and many where I lost 2.2+ lbs.  Yet no matter what the scale said, I was determined to not let this food addiction beat me.

I am living proof that it can be done.  I’m nothing special.  I’m just like you.  I’ve been a serial dieter in the past.  I’ve lost and gained hundreds of pounds over the last 15 years.  Weight loss motivation is seriously focusing on the result you want and achieving it.

Trust me – if I can do this anybody can!  One key note:  set your mind on the result you want and do not waiver.  Figure out what you need to accomplish in small chunks to get you to that end result and start chipping away.

What have you done to stay focused and keep up you weight loss motivation?  Leave me a comment below.


  1. Julie Cunningham says

    I’m really liking the motivation that your DietBets have brought me. Even though I missed my goal, it has been a great motivational tool on a day to day and choice by choice basis. Even more surprising to me is that I’m not ‘mad’ at my body over the results- I honestly made the best choices I could during the bet while still balancing my life and for whatever reason this go round I didn’t lose as fast as I would like. That’s ok. I’m still 7.2 pounds lighter, have some good eating habits down, and have found lots of ways to be active.

    • says

      Julie that’s amazing that you dropped 7.2 lbs during the 4 week challenge! I’m really glad you joined and helped motivate everyone. You have such a great attitude about it instead of being down that you didn’t win. It really is about the journey and with this amazing mind set that you have – you’ll reach your goals no doubt!

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