Week 13 of Ideal Protein Diet Weight Loss Weigh-In

Weight Loss Scale 13 Weeks

With every passing week that I post, that I lose weight, that I stay 100% on program – it makes me feel stronger, makes me feel in control of my inner chubby chick, and makes me feel – no – know that I will make it to my goal.  It’s an empowering feeling.  There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

This week I was examining why the Ideal Protein Diet feels different from any other diet I’ve been on.

One word says it all.


Ketosis is the crux of a ketogenic diet which is higher protein, lower carbs, lower fat so that the body will drain its glucose resources and then start burning fat for fuel.  The Ideal Protein Diet utilizes the ketogenic diet approach to keep your body in ketosis about 4-5 days after starting the diet and maintain ketosis until you have reached your goal weight.

Weight Loss Scale 13 WeeksSo back to my original examination of why the Ideal Protein Diet feels so different – it’s ketosis.  On all of my other failed diets, I was never in ketosis.

Why is this so important?

Two reasons –

  1. Ketosis allows your body to maintain its lean muscle mass, as long as you are supporting it with enough protein as the Ideal Protein Diet does, and lose mostly fat which leads to a great loss of inches.
  2. The first reason is amazing, but this second reason – well – it’s my favorite reason.  I’m rarely hungry!!!  Yep, ketosis keeps your body from always being hungry which keeps you from constantly obsessing about food.

Now I don’t about you, but not constantly thinking about food on a diet is HUGE!  If you’re not hungry and you’re not obsessing, then it allows you to really focus on making good choices for yourself and sticking to your goal.

I keep saying this has been the easiest diet I’ve ever been on and ketosis is the reason why.

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Week 13 Weigh-In Results on Ideal Protein Diet

  • Weight Loss for the week:  -2.2 lbs
  • Inches Lost for the week:  -4.50 inches
  • Total Weight Loss in 13 weeks:  -38.8 lbs
  • Total Inches Lost in 13 weeks:  -34.50 inches

More interesting weight loss stats:

  • Dropped from 52.9% body fat to 45.7% (yeah – my skeleton and muscle now weigh more than my fat!)
  • Fat mass dropped from 136 lbs of fat to 98.8 lbs of fat!
  • My metabolic age is still 56 (I’m only 41 as of today) which is what I started at.  Still scary!
  • BMI has dropped from 45.6 to 38.3.

Let me know how you’re doing on your Ideal Protein Diet below in the comments.



  1. Juliana says

    You’re doing awesome!!! This past week I was giving in too much to restricted foods, and it showed on the scale with a 1.4 pound weight loss. But I remember that it is still a significant weight loss! So this is a new week, and I’m starting over and not eating as many restricted foods! You’re doing awesome, keep up the hard work!! :)

    • says

      Juliana – 1.4 lbs of weight loss is 5 sticks of butter, so yeah…that’s pretty significant. I like your spark, it’s a new day, a new week to continue on your journey and make better choices.

      You’re learning how your body reacts to certain foods, so something great came out of it. You lost 5 sticks of butter and gained knowledge of how your body reacts to an increase in carbs. :)

  2. YukonK8 says

    thank you for sharing, Amber. It’s much easier to travel this IP journey with others …. and your recipes are freakin’ AWESOME! I have a plan to try a variation, but I thought I’d check with you to see if you’ve already tried it (and it may have failed)….the chocolate zucchini “cookies” save the day! I brought a couple in to my coach and she phoned me later for the recipe — and she NEVER cooks! I added in a little nutmeg too, just to add to the depth of flavour, but now I’ve received my Walden Farms order with the Caramel sauce and it makes me wonder if I can make “blondies” using this syrup/sauce and the vanilla drink mix…..or maybe even the butterscotch pudding mix. Have you tried any of these?

    I”m almost at 8 weeks on the diet and as of last Monday, I’ve lost 30 pounds. The only time in my life I’ve actually succeeded at dieting and you’re right. I’m not hungry most of the time! Grocery shopping is a challenge still (there is too much in the store I can’t eat!) and I’m finding myself to be a little bit reclusive, but a small price to pay. I’m dedicating a year to becoming more healthy, with the goal of getting another 20 years to live and laugh!

    thanks again….

    (Whitehorse, Yukon)

    • says

      Hi Kathi – I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the blog! Makes it all worth it to me. Oh wow, nutmeg is a nice addition to the chocolate zucchini cookies. I’ve tried chili powder before and that was a lovely kick to the cookie!

      I have tried a blondie version using the vanilla drink mix, cream of tarter, almond extract, and also a pumpkin spice version. Both were outstanding. Recipe to follow in the coming month. Sorry for the tease. :) If you make one, I would love to hear your recipe. Feel free to email me or post it on my Facebook page so we can share it with others.

      Kathi, congrats on your weight loss! That’s outstanding and the fact that you are succeeding when no other diet has. I obviously resonate with that same feeling. It’s utter delight to know we can finally get to goal.

      Don’t worry about being a bit reclusive right now. I get it. Even though we’ve both been on the program more than 2 months, we are able to control more of what we subject ourselves to without feeling tempted. I don’t know about your Kathi, but for me, food can be like a nasty drug habit. Only thing is, we still have to eat it to survive. So now we have to figure out how to control our inner chubby chick so we can be lean, strong healthy chicks (whatever that may look like).

      You’re doing a fantastic job! Keep it up! Here’s to controlling our inner chubby chick!

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