Day 1 – Week 1 – Ideal Protein Diet Started to Lose Over 100 lbs

Dr DuBois

So here I am starting another diet.  <sigh>

My chiropractor, Dr Dusty DuBois at Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness actually administers the diet and each week I’m supposed to weigh in and talk with my coach.

Of course I was hesitant because I thought, “Oh here we go again.  Another diet and one where I have to eat prepacked foods that taste like cardboard.”  I can’t handle another disappointment.  I desperately need a win and finally lose the weight forever.

Dr DuBois said, “This will be your last diet.”  She then showed me a life size photo of her as she affectionately calls “Chubby Dusty”.  I was so shocked by the difference and she doesn’t look like one of those people who lost a lot of weight – she looks like she’s always been skinny.

Dr DuBois

Dr DuBois

Amazing huh!

So I told her I’d think about it.

I went home and researched Ideal Protein, looked at other dieters before and after pictures and was sold.

When I signed on the dotted line and swore to give my first child if I ever cheated (they don’t know know I’m too old to have kids now so it was easy to sign), I was weighed, measured, and given my first weeks bag of Ideal Protein foods, a Phase 1 (there are 4 phases) guide sheet on what I can and can’t eat, and my first week menu plan.

Ideal Protein First Week Foods

So here I am starting another diet – hopefully the last diet.

Today’s Food:

Breakfast:  Ideal Protein Chocolate Drink Mix mixed in my Vita Mixer with 2 shots decaf coffee and ice for a yummy frappuccino.

Ideal Protein Chocolate Drink with Espresso

Lunch:  Ideal Protein Chili

Dinner:  8 oz grilled salmon with spiraled zucchini

Snack:  Ideal Protein Chicken Noodle Soup with 1 cup of brocolli and 1 cup of spinach.

Got in a 8 – 8 oz of water.

I developed a nasty headache this evening, but I’m sure it’s just the change in eating.  I’m not stuffing myself with junk food, carbs, and sugar.

1 day down….




  1. Jamie says

    I started last week and am going to read yours religiously because I see you had success in the end. I am already tired of the food :-(

    • lupe rivera says

      I just started this week, I am on day 3 one have had a nasty headache every day! And let’s not mention the boring veggies I’ve been eating ( lettuce and cucumber! But I won’t quit!

  2. maryanne says

    I did IP last year it worked. But I’m going to do it again since I messed up now. I also had week long headaches I think it’s do to sugar withdrawal. U need to change it around or u will get tired and sick of lettuce,cucumber that’s why I messed up. Try different seasoning or different lettuces or dressings.

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