question markQuestion of the Week:  Why Am I Losing Hair From My Weight Loss?

Yikes – are you losing hair?

It can be a scary thing – especially for women.

You can lose hair from weight loss if you have a lot of weight to lose which comes from your body being stressed, the sudden change in eating, and hormones being released from your fat as it melts off of your body.

Hair loss sh0danThis temporary condition is called Telogen Effluvium.  Try pronouncing those words.

The short of this condition is that the hormones that are being released from your fat coupled with your change in eating is causing stress on your hair follicle.

It only effects the hair follicles that would have already been lost soon, but speeds up the process.

The thing to remember is it is temporary.

We women unfortunately have the problem of having hormones that can constantly mess with our bodies.  I've actually experienced this once before in my early 30's when I had a really bad hormone imbalance.

I didn't go bald, but I was losing more hair than usual.

So here I am in my 21st week of my Ideal Protein protocol diet and about 4 weeks ago I did notice that I had started losing more hair when I washed my hair, when I dried my hair, and styled it.

Don't know why I didn't think to do this originally, but I immediately added Biotin and a B-12 vitamin to my diet to help slow down – if not stop – the hair loss.

It's taken about 4 weeks for the supplements to take effect and I'm noticing a decrease in hair loss now.

It really freaks some people out and they immediately think they should stop dieting or do something different.

If your program is a healthy program and it's working for you – please don't quit.  Don't use this as an excuse to stop from realizing your dream of getting to your goal weight.

It's temporary.

You're hair will grow back and most likely – you are the only one that notices anything different.

Not only will your hair grow back, but with the better diet, increased protein, and healthy state of your body at your goal weight – the hair will typically come in stronger, healthier, and shinier.

I'm taking the following B vitamins to help with the hair loss:

Nature Made B-12 1000 mcg – 1 pill – 1x per day

Country Life Biotin 5000 mcg (5 mg)- 1 pill – 1x per day

*Photo courtesy of sh0dan

Are you experiencing hair loss?  Tell us about it below.

Image:  Ishawalia

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