Walking for the Seattle Humane Society on 4th of July

Seattle Humane Society

Lily and I did a 4k walk on 4th of July for the Seattle Humane Society!  I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to start participating in activities like this now that I’ve lost weight and can move much better.

It feels really good!

The day started early at 6 am on a holiday where I could have slept in, but instead decided to help out the local animal shelter raise money.

4k Walk on the FourthCheck-in was at 7:30 am so Lily and I got checked in, got the shirt and goodies, and then went around to the vendor booths until the jog/walk started at 9 am.

Loved this cute pit bull with angel wings.  Such a sweet girl she was and she gave wet kisses!!!!

Kiss a Bull

It was such a great turnout, lots of volunteers and participants.

At 9 am we got started and it took about an hour to get from start to finish with all the crowd in full swing with our dogs parking and ready to go too.  I think the dogs could feel the excitement in the air and they were ready to go when the buzzer sounded to take off.

Lily dressed up in her red/white/and blue dress in holiday spirit!

Lily on the Fourth

I really can’t wait until I’m down to my goal weight so I can become even more active in these types of events.  I really love cycling and now I can pull Lily in our bicycle trailer.

What activities are easier for you know that you’ve lost weight?


  1. LLMoulton says

    You’re looking fantastic! :) Doing charity walks feels great too–I participate in a Relay for Life every year and I love doing it. It’s the biggest one in New England, so it’s like a tent city for the weekend and there are so many people that come. Such a great atmosphere. :)
    I found I had more energy when my husband and I went to a Dave & Buster’s (giant arcade with bars where minors aren’t allowed–wooooo!) and I played a dancing game (like Dance Dance Revolution, but different). At my heaviest, I felt like I wanted to die after 6 songs. In May, after losing a bunch of weight, I did 12 songs and didn’t even break a sweat. Now, I have Dance Dance Revolution for my XBox and I can go for over an hour. :) (Totally fun exercise too–if you’ve got a game system in the house, I highly recommend it for when you can do cardio again!)

    • Ali @ Peaches and Football says

      I LOVE Dance Dance Revolution! I have every single game they released for the PlayStation. They have the beginner songs which are pretty easy and then some are so difficult I have no idea how anyone does them! Great fun and good exercise too!

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