Daily Food Journal:  I’m following the Ideal Protein Diet protocol using alternative (non-Ideal Protein) foods.  

It was a bit hot this afternoon so I opted for an already prepared Italian Shepherd Pie (shown below in my daily food journal under “dinner”)  that I made over  a month ago and put in the freezer for another day.  I had made individual servings and then sealed it with my Food Saver.

Works perfect when you need something quick and don’t want to cook!!

Italian Shepherd's Pie Prep Frozen Daily Food Journal



Proti-Thin Broccoli Cheese Soup in Daily Food Journal


  • Ideal Protein Raspberry Jello (unrestricted)


Italian Shepherd's Pie with Mashed Cauliflower Individual


*Note:  I have added links for the alternative products that I eat since I am frequently asked where I purchase my alternatives and what brands I use.

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  • Leticia Cunha

    Hi Amber,
    Congratulations on your success! You are an inspiration!
    I love your blog.
    Where do you buy the Ideal Protein food?
    Thank you and keep up the good work

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    Leticia – thank you! I purchase my food from Nashua Nutrition. You’ll find the link to it on the right side bar of my website. Great company, service and a variety of options.

  • Leticia Cunha

    I looked at the website but didnt see IDEAL PROTEIN, is it under a different name?
    Thank you!

  • http://www.Lamberjules.com/ Amber Baldwin

    They don’t sell IP food. I purchase alternatives to IP like Proti-Diet and Proti Thin foods: http://www.lamberjules.com/my_makeover/question-of-the-week/what-ideal-protein-alternative-products-do-you-use/. This article I posted will help you out with this process.