Homemade Natural Face Wash Remedies for Rosacea-Get Rid of Redness and Bumps Caused by Rosacea

DIY Rosacea Face Wash

Rosacea be gone!

Finally, a natural Rosacea remedy that got rid of the bumps and redness!  I’m beyond excited to have my skin back to normal.

My Rosacea Experience

I have battled Rosacea for probably 12-13 years now and it just progressively got worse.  Little red lines coming to the surface of my skin, flushed cheeks and nose, and redness growing more intense as I age.

For years I’ve tried to find out how get rid of it.

It’s embarrassing especially when I would have a glass of wine and my face would really flush or if I get embarrassed my face would blush more than usual.

Back in my twenties I gave up using skin care products that were harmful to my skin and opted for natural products, chemical-free, no fragrance, and preferably organic.  Some products really helped to reduce the redness for a small period of time, but then the Rosacea would come back eventually.  Ugh!

The Aha! Moment

About two months ago I started washing my face with a concoction of ingredients that are all natural instead of soaps and cleansers.

No soap, no cleanser, no detergents.  Just oil.  No, I’m not crazy – at least I don’t think so.

Oil cuts oil.  Think about it – did you know that soap is made from oil?  The only difference between my oil face wash and soap is that I just purely use oil, no other detergents, dyes, or fragrances which is HIGHLY toxic.  Read your labels.

The combination of cleansing with oils, the anti-fungal properties of essential oils, and natural ingredients to balance the moisturizing of the face wash has left my face clear, clean, and almost completely void of Rosacea.  I no longer have the bumps or red blood vessels on the surface of my skin and the redness is almost completely gone!

As you can see from my before and after picture below, the Rosacea has calmed, I no longer have bumps and the redness is drastically diminished!!

I know – I can’t believe I posted my photo here – that should show you how passionate I am about getting the word out.

Rosacea Before and After Pic

  • No more meds
  • No more ointments that cause other issues like anal leakage (okay maybe not that but something just as bad)
  • No more spending tons of money on products that don’t work
  • No more embarrassment over having red, flushed skin all the time.

What You Get:

  • Clearer skin in just ONE week
  • Reduced inflammation and redness in as little as two washes
  • More confidence
  • Natural, organic solution
  • Low cost solution that you can make yourself over and over.
  • Original Natural Rosacea Face Wash Remedy Recipe + many other recipes based on your skin type.
  • BONUS #1:  Moisturizer recipe
  • BONUS #2:  Toner recipe
  • Beautiful glowing skin, free of irritation

So here’s the skinny…..

My homemade oil face wash:

I’ve done all the research and hard work to put this Natural Rosacea Face Wash Remedy together and have experienced first hand how it works on my skin along with thousands of other Rosacea sufferers.  All with successful results!

All of the ingredients you can most likely find locally and probably already have some of these ingredients in your home.  It’s much cheaper than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on creams, cleansers, and medications that don’t work.

The Science Behind My Natural Treatment for Rosacea

My skin tends to be dry and very sensitive, especially in the winter so finding a natural treatment for the Rosacea was my only option.

When mixing your face wash you’ll want to make sure you follow the instructions and use the exact ratio of ingredients.  I’ve also provide alternate recipes for dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin.

Also, I often get asked what moisturizers I use as well as toners, so as a BONUS, I’ve included my recommendations along with two extra recipes for a natural toner and moisturizer you can make in your home.

My Natural Rosacea Face Wash Remedy leave your skin smooth, hydrated, and glowing.  Tis a good thing!

Just loving my new skin!!!

Natural Rosacea Face Wash Remedy Hard back


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The following are questions I answer in my ebook along with the science behind the remedy, my experience, how it all started, testimonials from others who have gotten rid of their Rosacea using my Natural Rosacea Face Wash Remedy:

  • How often do you use the Rosacea Face Wash?
  • Does the face wash irritate your skin?
  • How long does it take before the redness is gone?
  • Can I use different oils?
  • Where do you buy your essential oils?
  • What kind of honey should you use?
  • Do the ingredients have to be organic?
  • Can you use too much tea tree oil?
  • Can I add lavender essential oil?
  • How do you rinse the Rosacea Face Wash?

Here’s Andy who used the Natural Rosacea Face Wash Remedy to help get rid of her Rosacea.

Andy Rosacea Before and After Pic

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Natural Rosacea Face Wash Remedy Hard back


              • 30 Day money back guarantee
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              • Pay by credit card or Paypal


  1. Andy says

    Thanks for this recipe! I struggles with Rosacea for a few years, and this finally worked. Fortunately, I also found a moisturizer that worked (and I have no financial interest in this recommendation): Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer. It’s a bit pricey, but it doesn’t irritate my skins, where every other lotion I’ve tried does.

    • says

      Andy – I cannot tell you how excited I am that this worked for you!!!! If you were like me, I’ve searched for years for a cure and never could find anything that worked. I was pleasantly surprised that it got rid of my Rosacea. Gotta love natural remedies.

  2. Caroline says

    Started this facial wash on Sunday, today it Tuesday and then redness is gone and the small pimples are just about gone too!! Thanks you so much for this recipe. I wash twice a day and use Bert’s Bee facial moisturizer afterwards. I have had rosacea for about a year and a half and it was getting worse. I have been wearing lot of makeup to hide it. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to use prescription meds if I don’t have to. So thank you again for this……..its the greatest!!!

    • says

      Caroline – You are so so welcome. I’m loving that it’s working for other people so well. Have you found that you can wear less make-up since you don’t have to cover anymore? Lovely benefit!

  3. Bee says

    Hi. How do you store the cleanser and how long can you keep it? What sort of honey is best? Thanks, I’m definitely going to give this a try.

    • says

      Hi Bee – I put mine in the the small travel bottles and it lasts for quite awhile. There isn’t anything in it that will spoil – although you should generally keep it out of light as much as possible. As with any oil – it can go rancid over time. If you’re making the small batch in the recipe I provided, you’ll be able to use it before the oil ever goes rancid.

      You can use any honey that you want. I use Fireweed, but again you can use any honey that you would like.

      Let me know how it works for you.

  4. Jen says

    I’m ready to give this a shot. I am already starting a new lifestyle change incorporating green smoothies into my day for breakfast and lunch. Is Castor Oil a more pharmacy item, or in the food section of the store? Thanks Jen

    • says

      Hi Jen, I buy much of oils wholesale since I also make organic soap, but I know you can buy it online at Amazon.com if you can’t find it locally. I provided a link with the article above to Organic Castor Oil. Good luck and keep me updated on your experience.

      • Jen says

        Thanks Amber. I bought Almond Oil at Whole Foods and I’m about to mix up my facewash. I also bought Dr. Hauschka “Rose Day Cream Light” as a moisturizer for morning, based on recommendations from the skin care specialist at Whole Foods. It has made a difference to my facial appearance on mornings when I look dehydrated and red and blotchy. Will let you know how the oil face wash recipe goes for me!

        • says

          Oh I love Almond Oil. I might try adding 1/2 olive 1/2 almond with the castor oil to see how that changes things. I’ve heard positive reviews of Dr. Hauschka products. I use Aubrey Organics for my day lotion which has Rose Hip Seed Oil in it. Love, Love, Love Rose Hip Seed Oil.

  5. Hema Deshmukh says

    Thank you so much for your facewash recipe. I was at my wits end. I was frustrated with doctors. My liver could not stand the prescibed antiboitics and face became drier and drier with precription creams. This is my 4th day of using your facewash and I already see so much improvement. Thank you again for sharing this. I made this for my sister who does not have rosacea but has dry skin and she loves it.

    I also read that eating two carrots every day will help remove rosacea completely. Effects will start showing after 3 weeks. I have been on it for one week, will let you know if it works.

    • says

      Hello Hema – Thank you for sharing your experience. I know everyone is different in how their skin will react especially depending on the various stages of Rosacea. I’m so glad to hear that you are having success with the Rosacea Face Wash and so glad that you don’t have to prescriptions that only work towards helping the result rather than solving the problem. Keep me updated on your progress.

      • Hema Deshmukh says

        Eating carrots (2 whole or one big one) per day and using your face wash recipe has reduced my redness by 30-40%. I have a question: how much rosehip seed oil should be added to your face wash recipe?

        • says

          That’s fantastic that you’ve seen such dramatic results!! And the carrots and so great for the skin and eyes as well. I’ve seen some people use carrots in their homemade soaps as well.

          I generally do not add Rose Hip Seed Oil to my cleanser, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great addition to the face wash. In fact Rose Hip Seed Oil is great for acne, it’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s a healer of dry skin, itching and sun damaged skin, as well as a humectant and a moisturizer.

          So it could only help. If you are making a 1 cup recipe of the face wash. It would start with a small amount of about 1-2 teaspoons and then adjust up or down as necessary.

          The great thing about this recipe is that you can change it to suit your own skin type. Not everyone is the same and it will need some tweaking depending on your skin type.

          Let me know how what changes you experience with adding Rose Hip Seed Oil.

  6. Dolphinoctopus says

    Hi, may I know do you use warm damp cloth to remove the oil cleanser? I have rosacea for about 10 years, my skin is dry, super sensitive and acne prone. I have tried oil cleansing few times, each time I was left disappointed with result oil cleanser clogged my pores. I was told oil cleanser must removed by hot damp cloth, but hot cloth tends to made my skin red immediately, how can rosacea skin stand it? So I use little warm damp cloth to remove the cleanser but still clogged pores. How is your experience?

    • says

      Hello – I use a luke warm wash cloth – not too hot – because I don’t want to strip the oils off of my skin. I tend to have dry skin (oily when I was younger) so I like the oil that is left behind after the wash. As with any new skin regimen, it’s best to give it a couple of weeks to let your skin adjust. The tea tree oil is a natural cleanser and your skin could be sensitive to it in the beginning. Good luck.

    • says

      Hello Dewy – No It doesn’t have to be organic, but it is certainly preferable that you use as much organic as you can. Rosacea already makes the skin sensitive and any chemicals seem to agitate it more. Since organics are chemical free, pesticide free, and junk free, you’ll most likely will have a more positive reaction to the face wash and allow your skin a chance to heal better than it would with non-organic oils. That said, if you can only buy non-organic products, than start there and maybe switch it out at least one of the oils with organic. Good luck and let us know how the face wash worked for you.

  7. Beth says

    I made this wonderful face wash tonight along with a recipe I found for a face lotion also and I am wondering if it is ok to not use a toner or if that is a bad idea? I did feel like there was just a lot of oil still on my skin after washing it, is that a normal feeling? This is my first experience with making my own stuff so I’m completely new to this ahhaha I saw the comment about the washcloth I will have to try that next wash. Thank you for the awesome recipe!

    • says

      Beth – Sometimes I do use a toner, but it just depends if my skin is feeling drier or not. In the winter I tend to run a little dry so I use toner every other day and then dab on a light moisturizer. In the summer my skin is oilier so I usually use a toner daily and rarely have to moisturizer afterwards since there is still a bit of oil on my face. When you use the wash cloth you’ll end up with a lot less oil on your skin after washing.

      I just really depends on you and how your skin is handling the extra moisture Enjoy and let me know how everything works for you..

      • Beth says

        Thank you for responding. My next question is what about exfoliating? How often and what do you do? Thanks!

        • says

          Beth, I use several different methods of exfoliating. I have honey that has partially crystallized and I use that to exfoliate and the honey is also a natural cleanser and moisturizer. I also use oil and sugar or salt, and mix together for an exfoliation. I don’t typically have exfoliate often, maybe 2-3 times per month.

          • Beth says

            Sounds good, I live the cleanser and the face lotion I made is coconut oil, olive oil and cocoa butter. I’ve been feeling like around my chin and sides of my mouth are kinda dry and I’m wondering if its just bc my skin is adjusting and will go away or of I need to adjust my face lotion? Do you make your own lotion too?

          • says

            Dryness can happen when using castor oil if too much is used for your skin type. The recipes calls for 25% of the oil to be castor, so if you are feeling a bit dry then I would increase the other oils in my cleanser. I just recently had to do that because it’s so dry in Seattle right now. I added Sweet Almond Oil and within the day I could see and feel a difference.

            Also, you’ll want to be careful with coconut oil. It’s a wonderful oil, but used by itself or too much of a percentage of your lotion could make you dry. For you lotion I would also try adding Sweet Almond Oil or increasing your olive oil a bit.

            I have made my own lotion and I use Aubrey Organics Rose Hip Seed lotion. My lotion is a whipped Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Rose Hip Seed Oil which is really great for dry and aging skin.

          • Beth says

            Amber thank you so much for all your help. Couple of things. Can I just add more olive oil/ sweet almond oil to the wash ive already made? Ive been doing some research and it seems all the things you listed for your face lotion are what I want to use. Would you give me your recipe? Also, how do you feel about grapeseed oil vs olive oil? Sorry our feed has gotten long, if you prefer to use email I can do that also? Hahahah

          • Beth says

            Hey Amber,
            I wasn’t sure if you saw my last response. I would love to have your recipe for your own face lotion. :) Thank you!

          • says

            Hello Beth – Oopss I must have missed it. I use Aubrey Organics Rose Hip Seed Oil daytime lotion for the day and then a lotion I make myself for the evening. Since the evening lotion is a bit lengthy, I’ll post it on the blog in the next couple of days. If you’re already signed up for my newsletter or if you have “liked” my Facebook, you’ll get an email notifying you of the new post. You’ll really love this recipe. I do anyways! :)

  8. Dave says

    Hi Amber! I have a question regarding the kind of honey you use for your recipe? I’m guessing it’s not the kind the supermarket sells, but more along the raw organic kind? I’ve been using a facemask recipe I found on youtube using raw organic honey, and it has been working pretty nice so far. So, i figured I’d use the honey I had for your recipe, but i just couldn’t get it to dissolve. Haha, maybe it’s just me, or i should just mix it better.

    • says

      Hi Dave – You’re honey should be just fine. I also use a raw organic honey and have a tough time getting the honey to dissolve. Before I mix everything together I heat up the honey so it’s in a liquid state so I can mix with more ease.

      Depending on the temperature of the area you are storing your face wash, the honey may still not mix completely. I have to shake or stir it before each use to get the honey to mix in with the oil a bit.

      I don’t worry about it too much because it’s still “marinating” with the oil which will still give you benefits.

      Have you tried the honey as a wash? I keep my raw honey in the shower and about every 3 days I’ll use honey to wash my face and leave on as a mask. I love honey! So many wonderful uses. It’s a natural cleanser and moisturizer.

  9. marcy says

    Does this mixture remove makeup or should I use a different product for removing makeup? If so what do you suggest?



    • says

      Marcy – Great question! It does remove face make-up and eye make-up so it makes for a quick wash at night before you go to bed and keeps the skin hydrated including the eye area.

  10. nikki says

    Awsome recipe I had no idea someone else uses my almost exact recipe for Rosecea. I add a few diffrent things in with my recipe but it is pretty much the same ingrediants although I use diffrent percentages. You can also add in Lavendar and Chamomile essential oils to replenish your skin they both calm the redness and Lavander helps with balance of facial oil. I make my own shampoo bars and soap that work in hard water along with a ton of other things like lotion and lotion bars and well everything scrubs you name it I like natural. I have cleared up my kids and my sisters cystic acne but it took me a few mths to figure out how to clear up my own Rosecea. Thank you for sharing this with everyone I never thought of putting out my recipe so I am happy that you have.

  11. heather says

    Thank you soo much! I am suffering right now with a crazy flush and its a total bust. I’m going to buy the ingredients today. Where do you buy your essential oils? I’ve been studying oils for a week but still very new to this “oil world”.

    I appreciate you so very much and LOVE your blog

    • says

      Hello Heather – Thank you so much for taking the time to compliment the blog. I buy my essential oils from LibertyNaturals.com or MountainRoseHerbs.com. I tend to buy mine in bulk since I make soap and other things from the essential oils, but I believe these two companies sell small quantities. You can also look at Whole Foods to see what supplies they have. Good luck and hope this helps to alleviate and calm the redness. I’m hate it too!!

  12. Kat says

    Just wanted to say Thank You! I’ve been using this cleanser for 3 weeks and my Rosacea skin looks better than it has in years!

    • says

      Hello Kat – You’re so sweet. Thank you for letting me know how much the face wash has helped you. I sometimes test my skin to see what will happen if I don’t use it and within a matter of about 4 days, I start getting the bumps and redness again. I’m constantly surprised how I finally stumbled upon this concoction through just researching carrier oils and essential oils. I think the next time I make it I’m going to add lavender essential oil to help the calming of the skin as well.

    • says

      Sean – I personally wouldn’t use Canola Oil instead of Olive Oil. Olive oil is a humectant oil which means it’s able to penetrate the skin and carry whatever it’s mixed with into your skin cells. Canola would sit on the skin rather than penetrate it. You want your oil to penetrate your skin to start healing it.

      I do still get flushed from drinking. I’m afraid that hasn’t gone away. I still have Rosacea, but the outward appearance of it has greatly diminished.

      Good luck Sean.

  13. Kim T says

    Hello, Did you find it made your face a little more irritated at first?? maybe I added too much tea tree oil

    • says

      Kim – What kind of irritation are you having? Tea tree oil can be drying and is a natural astringent. I don’t like to put too much in with the wash, just a little bit. If you’ve added too much, increase your oils and/or add lavender essential oil to counter balance.

      As with any new introduction of skin products, especially for Rosacea, your skin will have a period of time where it has to adjust. It’s possible the wash could bring to the surface pimples which are impurities and toxins being released. This is a good thing. Give it at least 1 month before you decide it’s not working for you. It takes time.

      In the beginning when I was using it, it took about 2 weeks before I saw a big difference.

      • Kim T says

        Hi – thanks for your response

        This winter has been the absolute worst, I am at my wits end with my skin. My skin has never been so dry and irritated.. I wake in the morning with a white face and later in the day red and very dry.

        after the first application of oils – I did get some pimples (which I normally do not) and more drying/irritation/ redness.
        I think I will increase the oils and maybe add the lavender and just give it time.. is it possible to do it every other day and still get results?
        Instead of using cup measurements – I used tablespoons for oil – 1/4 tbsp castor, 3/4 tbsp.olive oil, 1/4 tbsp honey – and 1 drop of tea tree. (it has a little dropper)

        • says

          Kim – I’m so sorry to hear about your difficult time with Rosacea. It’s a tough one and there’s just not a lot of good information out there that is clear on how we can eradicate this issue.

          The tea tree is oil is drying so just be careful with that one. It’s necessary to help clear and clean the skin, but too much is bad. It sounds like from your measurements that you’re okay. Too much castor oil can also be a problem so if you add anymore oil, add olive oil and then lavender essential oil. For what you have, I would add about 4 drops of lavender essential oil.

          Definitely play around with your daily or every other day regimine. I only wash in the evening with this face wash. It’s really finding out what works best for you.

          Please comment back on your findings. I would love to hear what you did and it would be so helpful for others in the same predicament.

          • Kim T says


            I added more olive oil – and have done this for 2 days so far and now when I am not flushing (due to being in a hot office). I do see some more whiter spots on my cheeks, which is interesting. I usually have a little pink glow to my face which in not embarrassing at all. I will keep you posted on results.. thanks!!

  14. Holli says

    I started using oil on my face 9 months ago, and at the time had no idea it would help my rosacea. I will never go back, my face has never felt so nice. No more burning or pain! I’ve been looking for a more natural facial moisturizer. I just started using coconut oil, but still not sure if I like that. Do you have any recommendations?

  15. Beth says

    this is random and after the fact but for future reference. When you mix this up, do you like wisk it or anything to get the honey more mixed in? I feel like the honey sits at the bottom of the mixture but someone told me to wisk it to help?

    • says

      Beth – the honey does tend to sit at the bottom of the environment is cold. A whisk or blender should do the trick of mixing the honey thoroughly through oil mixture. Let me know how it works out for you.

  16. Nicole says

    I tried this face wash last night. I actually already had all of the ingredients in my cabinet! My face felt wonderful after using this wash. I hope this helps my rosacea. I have had it for about 7 years now and nothing has made it clear. I recently had a flare up after using a new concealer from Bare Minerals. I changed just about everything in my facial routine over the past couple of months. This includes my makeup which has been such a chore! Bare Minerals is terrible. I have switched to Alima Pure. Anyway, Thank you for the wonderful face wash recipe! I saw in the comments that you have a night time face lotion that you make. What is that recipe?

  17. Rick says

    Been using the wash for the last 3 months. For the most part it is working good. It’s controlling things & somewhat reducing the bumps & lumps

    I’m a near 50 yr male who is still fairly active sport wise playing hockey several nites a week. Prior to the wash, my face would look like carpet burns the next morning after playing. Since I started, that issue has pretty much disappeared but I still get flare ups. No doubt stress related because of work.

    What I have found is that as I get closer to the end of the “wash mix”, the effectiveness decreases a lot despite shaking the mixture really well before each use.

    This time I decide to make a “half batch” & see what happens. Will let you know how it goes

    • says

      Hello Rick – I’m so happy to hear that the face wash as significantly improved your Rosacea. There are so many reasons Rosacea can flare up and I see you have named a few. Everyone is different in they are effected.

      Yes, please let me know your findings on the half batch. I’m sure others on here suffering from Rosacea would be interested as well.

      Are you adding anything extra to the face wash like lavender essential oil?

  18. VanDogh says

    This was a miracle! I have had rosacea since my son was born at 43. I am 51 now. For many years the Plaxion (sodium sulfur) cleanser and Metrogel combo worked for the most part. But Plaxion was discontinued and a new formula replaced it. For weeks it gave me fits and began making my rasacea come back to the point I felt light scabbing around my mouth and nose and a burning sensation. I was miserable. So I googled if there was anything natural that would neutralize it and stop the burning. I found your recipe. The FIRST use the burning stopped. The crusty feeling diminished to about 1/2. Within 3 washes ALL the crusty was gone, the redness gone, the burning gone. I was a little oily so I got the Witch Hazel as you suggested. My skin looks and feels healthier than ever. It is dewey and youthfull. But mostly it doesn’t look like I have any rosacea. I will keep using this. I have dumped the prescriptions and broken up with my dermotologist. I’m saving my money and using this from now on!!! Thank-you. This has beeen exactly the right formula for my particular skin problem!!! Shari

    • says

      Shari! OMG this is just amazing!!! I’m so happy that the face wash has helped you and you can finally stop taking prescriptions. :) That’s just fantastic!

      Thank you for sharing your story with me and all of the others who are looking to keep some freedom from Rosacea!

  19. Sasha says

    So tonite was my first try of the mixture.. My face does feel more moisture. Its just the 1st time so ill give it a couple more tries.. I thought i had terrible acne since a teen but a derm once told me i had rosacea. I get pimples when its that time of the month but other than that i have these dark spots thats sooo annoyin! So im praying this mixture hlps.. I dont kno what to moisture my face with bcuz alot of things break me out so i normally use nothin or vaseline..

  20. Janet B. says

    You are a genius. I have only used the treatment for 5 days and I see a huge difference in my skin redness, The only thing I substituted was instead of olive oil I used kukui nut oil. I do not understand the science behinds this but I can not thank you enough. I manly suffered from redness along the center of my face and it is definitely improving. I have tried everything and this is the first thing that has worked. Thank you!

    • says

      Janet – so glad it’s working for you!!! Oh wow kukui nut oil…great and wonderful oil and is a humectant just like olive oil so you made a great substitution.

  21. says

    Does anybody have any before and after pictures since using the face wash? I would really love to show in pictures how well it works. If you do have pictures and you don’t mind it being posted on the blog (no names will be given) then please email me at amber@lamberjules.com. Thank you everyone!

        • Kisha says

          Your welcome! The improvement on just the first use was AMAZING. I mean my skin still looked horrible but it was WAY less red and fewer bumps, my roommate even mentioned it. The last two day it has been a little more red than the first day but the bumps are starting to go away. I was using it twice a day so maybe that was to harsh so I am cutting back to just at night to see if it helps. Also it’s that time of the month and my face really acts up anyways (sorry TMI) and I ate spicy food but so far my face has made an improvement. I will keep you up to date but I really think that this is going to help, it looks promising. Also just a little info, I had been using Oreaca for a year and lost my job so I can’t afford it so I just quit taking it and my face is in full on revolt mode :( so the oils have their job cut out for them. Thanks again for sharing this!

          • says

            That’s amazing seeing the results so quickly! It must feel good to also have somebody else notice. I’m not familiar with Oreaca – what is that?

    • Jamie says

      Today I made my first batch. I will take a before and after picture. I put mine in a soft plastic reusable water pouch so I can mix it up and make sure the honey is incorporated. It smells so good!

  22. Kisha says

    Ok so as I was mixing this I could not get the honey to mix. I even used a blender and they honey just will sit at the bottom. I am using raw honey straight out of the hive, do you think it’s to thick? Is there some secret to getting it to mix?

    • says

      The honey is difficult to mix. Mine just sits there too sometimes. In warmer weather you can get it to mix when you shake it just before you poor the wash into your hands to apply on your face. If it doesn’t mix, don’t worry. The honey is there more for moisturizer than anything. It’s a natural mask.

      • Kisha says

        Since I put a bit of coconut oil in it to that seems to solidify when it’s cool I have started letting it sit in luke warm water for a few minutes to get it to melt and then shake it before I use it. It also seems to help make the honey mix in a little better too.

    • says

      It’s oil, so unless you have it directly in the sun, it should be just fine until completely used up within about 6 months at the most. There’s no need to keep it in the fridge and get it cold especially if you have the honey in it. Will be hard to get out.

  23. master o says

    Hii. how do i mix the ingredients? like how much of what oil?
    pleace help a brother out ! i spent all my money on these oils and now i have to pay to se how i mix them? :(((

    • says

      Master O: I definitely want to help you; however I don’t show that you actually purchased the book with the email address you have provided. The book does go into great detail about which oils to use, various recipes based on skin type, and definitely how to mix the ingredients. Perhaps you purchased it under a different email address. Send me an email to amber@lamberjules.com.

  24. Kristin Kane says

    Wasn’t this recipe free just 3-4 weeks ago? I made a small first batch, and probably remember the ingredient ratio enough to remake. I am going to unpin this post. While I understand the need to make money, going from $0 to $20 on a very simple recipe seems a little off, and I don’t want my peers to have to pay for this site when there are plenty of other free recipe variations for oil-based rosacea washes online. It also still says, “All of my information is free” on this page. Sorry, Lamber Jules. I can however, attest that this particular recipe seems to be working like a charm, for those who do want to pay, and possibly some of the other content included in that fee is worth while as well, I did not look.

  25. Barbara says

    Hello Amber,

    I’m surprised and disappointed that you are charging
    people for this information. You have
    already posted the concoction before for free.

    In fact, my husband who has had rosacea for as long as I have known him (over 25 years) has been using your recipe for the last 6 months with no reduction in redness. The only thing that I have noticed is that his skin is softer. We have continued to use the “recipe” only because we paid about $ 100 to buy all the organic products and don’t want it to go to waste. Just to be clear, the concoction hasn’t been hurting his skin but no improvement in the redness either…which is what we were really hoping to achieve. In fact, 2 times in the last month alone somebody has asked him if he was sunburned…nope, it’s just the rosacea…


  26. Jessica Thomas says

    I also have rosacea, and I think you should try the Shielo Complexion scrub. I use it once a week, and it works great and it is good on sensitive skin. It smells good, cleans well and I like how it makes my skin feel.

  27. NattyO says

    Hi Amber. I love the face wash! My face feels more moisturized than it has in years. I have used it twice and have already noticed a difference! And am hopeful to see improvements in my bumps and redness. I also made your moisturizer, but have some questions. It came out a little watery and is very oily when I apply it. Maybe I messed up on the ratios when trying to convert some of the oz to tbs. On your ingredient list, you call for .5 oz of essential oils at the bottom, but don’t indicate what kind. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • says

      Hello NattyO – So glad you’re loving the face wash! The moisturizer shouldn’t be watery at all as there is no water in it. It could be that before you blended everything the oils needed to cool and almost harden a bit before whipping. You can actually take the mixture you’ve already made and put it in the freezer or fridge until it’s almost in a solid state and then whip it. Should come out much better then. As for the essential oils – you can use any oil you prefer. I love a citrus scent so I tend to use grapefruit or lemon.

  28. Bella Green says

    Hi Amber – I have had rosacea forever (well, at least it FEELS like that), however, I have only ever had the redness, never a bump and never the acne. Does this work on the redness, and if so, what exactly are the results I should expect? Thanks!!

  29. Sam says

    Hi, I’m 35 and I’ve had rosacea for a very long time, but not so bad that it bothered me like some of your other followers. I didn’t know what it was until my allergist had told me 6 years ago when is was pregnant! So today, I was searching since I got cocoa butter for another reason and was curious about using it for rosacea. I came to your site and was interested in your idea because when I was a teenager I decided to try baby oil to combat acne and it worked! So I’m also wondering if it would also help with preventing wrinkles since I think prevention is better than treating them after i get them. Does anyone have any results/side effects for this issue?

  30. Skeptical Me says

    I do not have a problem with redness…but I do have bumps that do not behave like pimples. They feel almost like I have a splinter. They sting. The dermatologist says it’s rosacea. It’s attacking my nose, around my lips and under my eyes, leaving hard white bumps. I’m developing spider veins around my nose. Is your product effective for this type of rosacea?

    • Skeptical Me says

      I guess she doesn’t sign on much to answer questions… Anyway, I bought the recipe and tried the face wash and unfortunately, after two months of devoted use, it hasn’t help me. Kind of expensive too, having to buy all the organic ingredients. I’m sad about it, but I’ve had to go back to “medicines” that work – but dry my skin terribly. – Skeptical Me

  31. Kloe Kariki says

    You are using the wrong cleanser! Anyone that has super sensitive skin or rosacea knows how difficult it can be to find a facial cleanser. Whoever invented the Green Tea Cleanser from Made from Earth —I thank God for you. I slather the Made from Earth Green Tea Cleanser on my face liberally—and i do not have the redness or ugly rosacea irritation I was getting.

  32. Hollie Carmack says

    I suffer from Lupus and Rosacea, I have only been using this DermalMD Rosacea Treatment serum for 4 days and I have already felt a difference in my skin, it doesn’t feel as dry, it feels moisturised and more healthy, I think that I am starting to see a difference in the redness.

  33. Kim Würstlin says

    I suffer from Lupus and Rosacea, I have only been using DermalMD Rosacea Serum for 4 days and I have already felt a difference in my skin, it doesn’t feel as dry, it feels moisturised and more healthy, I think that I am starting to see a difference in the redness.

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