Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – Giveaway (Closed Winner Announced)


I love my new Fitbit wireless activity tracker!

If you haven’t heard about it yet – well, let me tell you.

Fitbit Zip GiveawayIt’s cute first of all.  Tiny little thing that keeps track of your walking and running steps, calories burned, and distance.

fitbit zip tiny tracker

One of the best things I love about is it – it wirelessly syncs with your computer and/or phone to a web based software to track your results.  It’s a free tracker too.  No subscription!

You can track your progress, set goals, earn badges for reaching milestones, share and compete with friends, log your food, workouts, and weight.

Now, if that wasn’t enough it’s also sweat, rain proof, splash proof.  That’s kind of important – just in case you’re walking by your neighbor who is watering their flowers and “accidentally” squirts you with the water hose OR you fall into sink hole as you’re running OR worse you get hosed with water AND fall into a sink hole. Yikes!

I pray that never happens to anybody, especially all in one day and falling into the sink hole.  Hosed might be the better option in this case.

I’m getting way of track now.  

You can clip it to your pants, your bra (men, sorry you don’t get to partake in this feature but you can clip it to your skimpies), or put it in your pocket.

The winner will need to provide a photo via email to claim the prize so I can announce the winner online.  Details will be in the email to the winner.

Fitbit Zip is a $60 value for free if you win the random drawing below.  Gotta enter to win below using Rafflecopter entry form.’

Share with your friends.  The more people who signup – the more giveaways I can offer.

*WINNER ALERT* – Dawn P. has won the new Fitbit Zip activity tracker!  Congratulations Dawn on winning and furthering your journey to get healthy and fit.

FitBit Zip Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. says

    Please remember you have to actually leave a comment and follow the instructions which is to comment about how you think Fitbit Zip will help you reach your goals.

  2. says

    Now that I am in p4 and can work out, I think a Fitbit would be quite helpful. I work from home and some days are more active than others. Being able to track my progress would be awesome. :)

    • Katie W. says

      It would help me reach my goal of a triathlon being thin and strong because it would help me track how much activity I really am doing.

  3. Juliana says

    Hi Amber! I think Fitbit Zip would help me reach my goals because It will actually show how much activity I’m doing, not what I *think I’m doing :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Ali says

    I am a VERY visual person and the ability to download to my computer to be able to track over time would be amazing. I would so love this!!

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